Release: PS4 Theme Editor


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10 Responses

  1. Biff627 says:

    They really just need to add this feature… I loved making custom themes for my ps3..

  2. rit says:

    HAhah holy ***! It’s happening

  3. PU55YDE5TROYER says:

    Suck me off

  4. Chmielu says:

    Can I somehow extract the witcher 3 theme from my ps4 4.05 ?

  5. dark_dex says:

    could you theoretically download this on an unhacked ps4 with the browser?like we used to do on ps3

  6. PU55YDE5TROYER says:

    Tickle my pickle

  7. Dboy says:

    Links for ps4 4.05 games pkgs anyone?

  8. Maike says:

    Shia LaBeouf theme is down. Somebody can reupload?