PSVita Release: psvpfstools 2.0


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11 Responses

  1. Nichiko says:


  2. Guiru says:

    Does it means we’ll have 3.61+ game dumps compatible with hacked PS vita soon?

  3. Jgr9 says:

    That still doesn’t explain what PSVpfstools is…

  4. GothicIII says:

    Nothing which benefits non CFW-Users. Even if you decrypt the content you are not able to reencrypt it properly to use it on a non hacked Vita.
    Nice for CFW users because decrypting on a pc is much faster than on a vita itself.

  5. Joey says:

    so when are we finally going play games that were encrypted with 3.61 kernel mode? every game that was released since august 2016 is still unplayable…

  6. Resolu says:

    If I decrypt my savedata with this, can I use it on cfw?

  7. Smoker1 says:

    Not part of this, but I think Users might be interested knowing, that not only is there the NoNpDRM for the Vita, but there is also the NoPsmDRM so Users can get their PSM Games up and running. Users might need to Update Time via Internet, but after that, it works perfectly. Finally got my Solitaire up and running (Everybody’s Arcade).

    Users need to place the File with NoNpDRM, and add the file to the Config File below NoNpDRM