PS4 Rest mode exploit revealed by @vpikhur (5.xx firmware)


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  1. Catalan Republic says:


  2. hopefulPS4Hacker says:

    since this is only now being revealed , i hope an exploit can be created up til at least the current firmware. ALSO FIRST 😛

    • spok says:

      well if it will take same time like for 4.xx jailbreak then maybe we can hunt PS4 on 5.xx in 2019…

  3. fdsa says:


  4. sowhat says:


    • Godzila says:

      Did you also read the same thing I did? Leaked private keys that allow to create signed CFW kernel?

      Megaton if true.

  5. fluk3 says:


  6. DSpider says:

    Sitting on it for 2 years? [shaking my head] Since then, two new models came out: Slim and Pro.

    Does it apply to those models as well?

    • TehCupcakes says:

      Probably. Usually firmware is the same across all hardware revisions – the only thing that would make a difference is if a hardware revision removed the entry-point that allows an exploit to work. Given that rest mode still exists in the Slim and Pro, then yes, this exploit very likely does work on those models too.

  7. Huz84 says:

    I PS4 5.00 not update

  8. Svet says:

    I could see this happening from day 1. Rest mode is so broken it’s surprising it hasn’t being exploited yet. I really don’t see this exploit being fixed as it may brake rest mode in all sorts of games majorly, i can see more it being removed all together in the future.

  9. FFTW says:

    I wonder if his presentation was recorded in video. a recording would give us even more info.also, seems like this exploit can be mde into a jailbreak on its own,but i wonder how long it will take.

  10. Mo Poge says:


    Seriously, Sony will now patch this if they haven’t already so what’s the harm in releasing it?

  11. Spiros says:

    So it will be released. In simple terms is the 5.00 fw hacked or not?

  12. Tyrant says:

    This exploit won’t be released anytime soon. I have no faith in the hacking scene anymore. They find these exploits and then sit on them for months to a year before they release it. In the meantime we all just have to wait and hope that it ever gets released as some of these hackers give up mid project and hand them over to someone else that’ll take another year Working on it.

    • nope says:

      So do something about it instead of b!tc#ing about it. You’re the reason the scene is what it is. People leave because people like you act like this.

      • OhioSfinestJR says:

        Nope you’re the real problem in general. Aggressive, uncivilized, and just ignorant. I bet You do just as much as he does for the scene, get off your high horse.

    • rit says:

      True, but hackers always seek to be financed in some way, except for some. We are no longer in Geohot’s time to hack for hobby, unfortunately. I still hope, as always, that they will release new xploit for recent versions of the software.

    • gerbert says:

      Sony literally killed the scene after geohot lawsuit.

      Nobody wants to be in jail now.

      Now all the hackers fear sony and do everything sony wants them (i.e. spreading hype about possible hacks and never releasing them in time so people who did’nt want to buy a ps4, buy it and waits for hacks, which comes after it’s all done with actual firmware).

      Scene is murdered for 8 years now. Sony won. Deal with it.

      For now, only nintendo scene is alive and kicking only because nin is lasy about it’s legal suff and sells hardware with profit in large amount.

    • anon says:

      Great, another year I have to keep my system offline because they don’t release this *** while normal people still have the firmware. I guess I didn’t want to play new games anyways /s

  13. stankyfanger says:

    so, are you saying that i shouldn’t update my PS4 Pro running firmware 4.70?
    i just set it up and it automatically started downloading the 5.05 update…it’s ready to install…what to do, what to do…???

  14. Steve says:

    Cool, thanks for the article. Hopefully this goes places.

  15. rodriboost says:

    5.xx that means 5.05 is vulnerable too NICE!

    • duh says:

      or it means at the time of writing the author wasn’t aware to what extent this exploit reached

  16. Joe says:

    Have a Pro on 4.73, cant wait for this to be refined and released. Hopefully soon… keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  17. Khalid says:

    Waoo hope realse soon exciting 5.00

  18. fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Arg says:

    Great !

  20. D says:

    Links to ps4 pkg games?

  21. CuZiMPr0 says:

    Hey guys, I have a question for you! I have a ps4 slim on 3.55, I have not tested this one more explicitly, I would like to play online again! it is now known this jailbreak, ask is update to the latest version or wartwn or buy new slim / pro, sunstay would also consider a ps3. ask for advice!
    I speak German!

  22. vash32 says:

    He knows da way!

  23. T0PGLitch3r says:

    CuZiMPr0 if your on 3.55 update to 4.05 then u can jailbreak your ps4

  24. Zai says:

    Now please for the PS Vita x.x

  25. Sha says:

    This likely will catch the attention of Sony and they will make a bounty for it even if they dont have a bounty policy right now. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one, guys.

  26. I’m on PlayStation 4 firmware is 5.00 I would love to play Gran Turismo 4 and all the PlayStation 2 games when you do come up with the pack can you please send it to me and if you do if you do have the Pack right now can you hook me up with it

  27. yo says:, esperamos ese exploit!!!xd

  28. James says:

    So if there is a DEV in the chat somewhere would it be possible to implament this by forcing the required files to install on the plastation and have it execute those files stored in the HDD for the exploit when the system calls the function for entering rest mode. If so would we need something like XEX menu to browse files and maybe later use unsigned code to launch the debug setting we already have in the current 5.05,4.55,4.05 jailbreaks. (this is just ideas I know some about exploiting systems but I focus on Androids which are nothing compared to PS4 so if this all is completely impossible then thank you for your time if you feel its a possibility then awsome would be nice to see a ful CFW that you don’t have to exploit every time your restart your PS4). Thank you for you time.