VitaQuake 2.5 released – Now 3D (GPU) hardware accelerated!


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  1. Adrian says:


  2. Benjamin says:

    It would be great if somebody could make ports of Postal 2 and Serious Sam games, now when vita has open gl support.. 🙂

  3. lambertus says:

    This version has an issue when you’re underwater – everything underwater seems to be rendering as black.

  4. caioapg says:

    whoah, that is incredible!!!!

  5. khalaan says:

    I was just thinking how nice the Tenebrae or Dark Places engines might look on the vita, I haven’t looked at the source for vitaquake yet but maybe that’ll be on my todo list for things to try..

  6. Khryzto says:

    This means that is possible a n64 emulator using the gpu acceleration hardware?

  7. 6262628638272th says:


  8. Lollypop says:

    Wait what compiling a payload
    Of i got ps4sdk env set and make
    In payloadsdk dor hen
    How do i get past the asm error in source syscall.s line 7 or adapter line 14 ?

  9. Juniorpsvita says:

    Open GL=Rinnegatamante
    GMX = Xerpi
    =Emuladors Cps3,DreamCast,N64 etc?
    Sorry my inglish

  10. NakedFaerie says:

    And where is the download link to VitaQuake? I find links to the other apps but not VitaQuake itself.
    I dont want anything else installed, just VitaQuake, none of the homebrew stores or whatever, just that 1 game

  11. yoshi314 says:

    That was done way faster than i expected it to be. I wonder how much other homebrew will benefit from this.

  12. Snippeh says:

    But my question remains : can it run custom maps and both enxpansion packs easily out of the box ?

  13. Svennd says:

    Rinny is for sure the most hard working ps vita dev at this moment, the output is crazy …

  14. Juniorpsvita says:

    It is equal,there is the same porpuose?
    Sorry my inglish

  15. drd7of14 says:

    “It can now be said that the PSVita has a decent FPS game that looks awesome”

    You mean…Besides Killzone? Cause that is one of the best portable looking games ever made, period.

  16. DS_Marine says:

    “…Always Run settings were removed from the menus”.
    Good call… I can’t think of someone that would want the game to not run on the vita sometimes .D