WINE updated to version 3.0 – Great update for Gamers thanks to Direct3D 10 and 11 support and more!


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  1. Yattoz says:

    “WINE is an emulation layer for Windows applications/games”
    Wrong, as stated by its own acronym, Wine Is Not an Emulator ! It’s a compatibility layer that translates windows calls to Linux / Mac kernel calls. It does not emulate windows in a technical meaning. That also means that little performance is lost through it, unlike with emulation where a big performance loss is visible. (Hope you just fix the part soon 🙂 )
    Still, great news ! DirectX 11 support is a major step forward for games.

    • Thetechdoc says:

      I knew there would be a comment like that when I read it, but I agree with you and I would have typed it if you didnt

      • thehaxfactory says:

        Yeah, you really can’t go around calling WINE an emulator. The target audience will know better and correct you immediately XD

  2. BlueHeisenberg says:

    Wine Is Not (an) Emulator –> W-I-N-E

  3. RedHeisenberg says:

    Wine Is Not (an) Emulator = WINE

  4. moron says:

    Wine Is Not (an) Emulator –> W-I-N-E

    • smart person says:

      Good name. “Wine is not an emulator” is a stupid and somewhat inaccurate phrase. It may not be a HARDWARE emulator, but it certainly emulates the main windows functionality on non-windows devices. (Running windows programs.)

      ALL emulators are a “compatibility layer” for software for another system. That’s basically the core concept and main point of an emulator. Wine is most certainly an emulator. It emulates windows functionality by translating it for other API systems to understand.

      Wine is not a hardware emulator, but it’s most certainly a windows functionality emulator. It emulates Windows’ main feature of running windows programs built for windows API and programming.

      • jaytea33 says:

        This is not correct and the phrase is accurate. To be considered an “emulator” it has to be emulating a system of different architecture, such as MIPS to x86, ARM to x86, etc. When it’s running the same type of architecture, such as an x86-64 Ubuntu virtual machine running within x86-64 Windows 10, they’re the same architecture, so this is “virtualization” rather than “emulation.”

        However, WINE is neither virtualization nor emulation. It’s using APIs to translate the system calls on-the-fly. I think what you’re trying to say is that it “simulates” windows functionality, but even that wouldn’t be technically accurate, as it’s still delivering the same system calls, it’s just operating as a compatibility layer in-between.

  5. Haduvelko says:

    I have one question can i use wine with linux on ps4 4,05 and play pc games?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Spike_spigal420 says:

      Try it out if you already know how to run Linux on that firmware it wouldn’t hurt anything it’ll either run or it wont

    • Connor says:

      As the others write, WINE is not an emulator…which exactly boils down to your question.
      WINE is a compatibility layer roughly translating windows to linux system calls.

      That alone won’t let you CPU dependent stuff like x86/x64 on non for example, you would need an emulation.This can be done using for example Bochs to emulate the CPU part. This is already done for Android/ARM or on PowerPC for example.

      As the PS4 has a x64-CPU, there should be no problem running PC games with WINE once all the drivers are working properly as for example GPU acceleration.

    • reymon says:

      hey that s a good idea to try man

    • andoryuu3 says:

      I don’t see why not. Especially with this update, it should be so much less of a headache to accomplish than with previous versions. But of course, YMMV.

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    As far as I’m aware WINE only runs on an x86 CPU hence why it isn’t an emulator.

  7. Lollypop says:

    Witch version of wine would-be used in basiliskii-vita and weer to download?

  8. Haduvelko says:

    I don’t have ps4 with 4.05 fw, mine is with newest fw, can someone with 4,05 fw try and share results

  9. Haduvelko says:

    I don’t have ps4 with 4.05 fw, mine is with newest fw, can someone wit05 fw try and share results

  10. daybyde says:

    This post is really so much helpful thanks for the post. i have no idea about such kind of item . i know it from your post

  11. YandereSnake says:

    A couple issues – first one is that WINE is a compatibility layer, not an emulator. Two, it wasn’t purely WINE team’s work, but most of the underlaying code for D3D10 and D3D11 was provided by CodeWeavers, developers of a bit more advanced CrossOver (which is a compatibility layer as well) and they made those parts of their code open-source and contributed to the project.

    Please get that stuff fixed.

  12. GoMovies says:

    Great news! It may now be playable without having to boot into Windows!