Nintendo Switch: Fail0verflow confirm boot exploit works on all existing units, no release announce


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15 Responses

  1. ^Sosen^ek says:

    First for the first time :))))

  2. Sergio Prado says:

    I bet that they will release the exploit soon after team Xecuter start making money with their modchip.

  3. Kay says:

    Cool, I guess. Still got Team Xecutor’s solderless option. Don’t care for devs who brag and don’t release.

    • FFTHEWINNER says:

      fully agree

    • Hmm says:

      Yup, annoying. I will probably get one too for the same reason. I would like it more if they didn’t do it for the money and just released it, but that’s the lesser of two evils. At least they deliver.

      Homebrew on the switch is awesome, but some people (also plutoo) seem to miss the point that I want to keep playing current games as well as Homebrew AND develop and reverse. Which will always need a new FW and another one (or a heavy modded one), so it isn’t detected. If big N would allow us access, we don’t need to hack around it, but since they don’t, it is clear what needs to come, so that I have retroarch on my NSW and can play Bayonetta 3 🙂

      Nasty ego elitism. Long ago I actually learned stuff from their blog-posts … If they released their stuff we would probably be able to learn from it. But no, we are supposed to “follow”, “clap” and basically bow before their greatness, that’s it.

      Worst are the people who consistently defend them because of their skills.

  4. Destouches says:

    Can’t wait to see what they are up to !

  5. Gold Face says:

    If they do decide no to release it, its exactly what I said earlier. I hate these people who only do this stuff for attention. I sooner would respect someone who releases something even if it means paying a fee to pull off, rather than someone who would have released something for free in all intents and purposes, but did not release it.

  6. Psvitabackfromrip says:

    First! Thank God for team executer! Play all the newest games on the newest fw and waot until Spring for homebrew and gamezz

  7. PpmeiS says:

    First! Great news for homebrew, bad news for piracy.

  8. Dvdxploitr says:

    I do hate when people say they have an exploit for a system and don’t release it but yet they show it off. I mean, I guess its just a way of saying “hey look, it can be done”…but to me it reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s Ice Cream skit….where he’s talking about a kid having ice cream and rubbing it in to other kids…

  9. MrDouche says:

    I am ready to sail the high seas, but these devs are holding my ship hostage in the port.

  10. Vic-20 says:

    Fake news