g0blin jailbreak (iOS 10.3.x/ A7-A9) released! – Freedom at last for iOS 10.3.x users!


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  1. Parzival says:

    Thanks Aurora, I’m relating this thread and your previous one, maybe I can downgrade my 11.2 and jailbreak it. XD MAYBE.

  2. OoZic says:

    used Impactor to install the IPA, but it hangs at GeneratingApplicationMap. Checking my iPad (Pro gen 1) the G0blin icon is there but starting it doesn’t give me Cydia after restart?

  3. dmaskell92 says:

    Meanwhile, Android phones are actually useful.

    • Derek says:

      Also they actually garbage

      • notYOUforgottheemail says:

        Also actually Derek is garbage

      • dmaskell92 says:

        Android is leagues ahead of locked iPhones. You can’t even download a MP3 without Cydia. Tell me exactly how Android is garbage? Samsung’s may blow up, but at least the company hasn’t blatantly been caught slowing down last years flagship device too screw over the consumer. Plus if you don’t like Samsung there are hundreds of better alternatives, whereas Apple holds the Monopoly on their garbage proprietary software.

        The iPhone is better at taking your money.

        • Aurora says:

          It’s really a matter of preference. I had bad luck with my last Android device (Nexus 7 2012) as it had a stupidly slow eMMC that made it extremely unstable to the point of freezing every 2-10 minutes on every ROM I tried (trust me, I tried a lot).

          While iOS is a pain, you can get around *most* limitations with app store applications and most versions of iOS and Android eventually get jailbroken.

          As for tablets, iOS is the best bet since Android on tablets is just an upscaled mess that feels like a smartphone only on a bigger screen and the result isn’t pretty.

          That being said, Android on smartphones is pretty decent from what I’ve witnessed

          • dmaskell92 says:

            I have a Blu Vivo Air LTE, the phone is Chinese but it’s great.

            I was a huge apple fan back when I had my iPhone 3gs, when Cydia and installous where in it’s prime. Now the content on Cydia is a shadow of what it was previously.

            I couldn’t believe when I jailbroke my iPhone 5 and I still couldn’t do much with it. I ended up selling the phone. I hope you enjoy the newer iPhone’s though, and I hope content is more plentiful for you now than it was for me back then.

            I also use a Nexus 7 integrated inside my Audi’s dashboard, and I agree most Android tablets are junk, this one is still super decent (probably because it’s only 7 inches). I don’t think any IOS tablet could do what I have setup with MacroDroid, and my backup camera for reversing.

            It comes down to preference, I went from Apple to Android and really appreciated how easy it was to do basic tasks and just use the device how I like. No hate to Apple users, you guys are forced to get your hands a bit dirtier than most. That is still respectable IMO.

          • dmaskell92 says:

            I use Timur’s Kernel on the Nexus 7 tablet. It’s the only way I can view my backup camera and charge at the same time. I haven’t noticed many slowdowns, but I just use it for the cracked Pandora app with downloader/unlimited skips. I also have various music videos, OBDII software with a Bluetooth dongle for vehicle diagnostics etc.

            I use it like an advanced stereo deck replacement. No games are ever played on it.

  4. boya says:

    I have a 9.0.2 jailbroken iPhone 6. Is there any way to update to any of the 10.3.x firmwares and jailbreak that or can I only update to the latest version?