Fail0verflow announce they have a coldboot exploit for Nintendo Switch, say “interesting times ahead”


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31 Responses

  1. Yami Justin says:

    FIRST! Finally, after years

  2. Gold Face says:

    Just release it. I hate how people sit on this stuff for years at times. Team Xcuter gets some respect for at least saying they plan to release rather than tease and wait for attention.

  3. salvatore says:

    I’m currently on software 3.0.0 and wanted to play BOTW but it tells me it requires to install a software update to continue. I always thought BOTW was on a lower software version already?

    • TehCupcakes says:

      The first launch of BOTW is compatible on 3.0, but the DLC require newer firmware. Nintendo also has released a new revision for the BOTW cartridges. If it has a “001” on the back instead of “000”, then that cartridge is only playable on 3.0.1 and above. Sorry. Also, update data could break compatibility with lower versions, but I can’t confirm that it does for sure.

    • xerotyme says:

      Disconnect your internet and delete any files that BotW may have previously created and then give it a try! 🙂

  4. Whirrrrrrrr says:

    In 10 months, #NintendoSwitch has become the most hacked console in U.S. history!

  5. Jonathan says:

    “Future proof”, a claim that many hackers have debunked as an unrealistic sales pitch – Nintendo could always release a hardware revision)

    I think its obvious here that when Team Xecuter says “Future Proof” they mean for this specific hardware. If Nintendo releases new hardware a need exploit would be needed.

    • Jonathan says:

      a new exploit*

      • true but.. says:

        future proof would technically be the wrong term then. Since they are trying to pitch this exploit to many people then they need to choose their words more carefully.

    • FFTW says:

      exactly lol. as far as i am concirned,being future proof on current hardware is still being future proof.

      still,it is obvious that the overflow guys took this as a challenge,and if their hack is indeed unremovable by new updates(like how the hacked 3DSs are)then this would ofcourse be a much better solution as it would be free. either way,interesting times ahead for sure!

    • Yattoz says:

      EXACTLY, future proof as in current hardware ALA A9LH/B9S, it doesn’t matter how many firmware patches you throw at it, it won’t go away… Obviously a hardware revision is like a new system that works differently…

    • a7mag3ddon says:

      Yes they could make a new hardware revision, but their software would still need to work on the ALL the consoles that were released up to that point.

  6. Nonya says:


  7. lol says:

    LOL at the image of the dude looking back

  8. Lo says:

    Time to buy a Nintendo switch

  9. The lockscreen UI post-boot is from an earlier firmware.

  10. r says:

    I don’t understand these scenes, everyone is always like “We publicly hate piracy and we don’t want plebs having the free gamez” but then also say “If anyone tried to make money from hacks we will give everyone the piracy for free!!” like doesn’t make sense to me. Also was listening to discord discussions on where the Switch scene is at and a lot of the devs while trying to pretend they were anti-piracy were also very clearly anti-paying-for-stuff so it really does confuse me.

    Personally I’m just hyped to use the switch to play media on it’s just a great tablet with good sound.

    • jp says:

      simple. they dislike piracy. but they dislike people who make money off of piracy more. when teamxecutor releases a modchip people can pirate if they pay team executor. so fof then releases a free softmod. it doesn’t enable piracy since it was already available with hardmod. it just takes away customers from teamxecutor

  11. Spaarks says:

    Dont buy from executer. wait a little longer. More will come. Trust me. Dont waste money on early hardware mods.

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