You can now run Linux on your PS4 4.05


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46 Responses

  1. TheZissodumandmorinstupid says:

    This is great news. Soon we can steal all games and never have to buy PS4 games ever ever again!!!!! First and I love stealing!!!!!

  2. z2 says:


    This is what I really bought a PS4 for. To run an effin linux and do linux stuffs and not play games especially exclusives like Horizon Zero Down. Buying a real PC or just a raspberry for linux is stupid and so lame you know.

    This people deserves an award like grammy or darwin awards or whatever sh*t they can award with these people.

    • Asa says:

      You deserve the stupidest comment on award

    • Lol says:

      Bro you made me laugh and cry at the same time.. like literally. Lolololol

    • commonsense says:

      you can play games in Linux, games not normally available on the PS4, not to mention Linux a great toolset from which you can explore the PS4

    • IQ says:

      You lack intelligence regarding this topic. Your research is incomplete, go back and try again. Then come here and update your comment. In the mean time lets all congratulate the developer valentinbreiz on his hard work and dedication for paving the way to OWN OUR PS4!

    • bizkut says:

      Means it can run SteamOS derp

    • Tha_Dat says:

      lol, so true

    • Alex says:

      I think linux itself is actually awesome, and much better than windows when it comes to pcs. But I guess thats just me, but when it comes to running it on the ps4, it is very impressive to make the ps4 be able to do that, and while it is impressive and worth showing off, with the limited pc gaming performance the ps4 must have, I and many others are likely not too interested in this feature, but especially as a linux fan, its nice I guess

  3. Matteo says:

    Nice news, is graphics hardware accelerated?
    Could we play steam with Linux games I own?

  4. Pipi says:

    I tried it, but my ps4 is doing nothing for 2 minutes. after 2 minutes, the sceen goes black, but with running ps4. Someone has the same problem? Or is this ASLR? I had it 5 times on a row

  5. Slade says:

    Does this mean that Steam is a possibility on the PS4 now via Linux?

    • Alex says:

      to my knowledge, yes, although due to the ps4s low pc performance, I wouldn’t expect to run any big pc games, for example, even though there is dying light for the ps4, I’d be very surprised if anyone got the pc version of dying light working on the ps4, note that dying light actually does have linux support, it just takes a very powerful pc to run it, even my main pc struggles with it, also if theres an easy to run non-linux steam game you would want to run on the ps4, I’d recommend downloading and installing wine. I use that on my main pc all the time to get more game support for linux.

  6. acidmango says:

    can I mine sick amounts of crypto now with my consoles?

    • Alex says:

      very good idea, actually I might make a video of me doing that, not because it would actually make me much money, but because its so crazy: Mining Monero with a ps4!

  7. Munkie says:

    for those that are unaware, this is the exact method George Hotz (GeoHot) used to exploit the PS3 thus paving the way for CFW

  8. Gamer says:

    Run linux we dont care we wanna run games ps4 is a game

  9. ZeldaFreak says:

    What a few people here are failing to understand, and Munkie is pointing out, is that this is another step toward all your “PS4 Gaming” needs if you want to run your PS4 like you do/did your PS3. Yes the PS4 is a dedicated gaming “PC” but it IS a PC…of sorts. And in order to eventually gain full access to our systems, we NEED this to delve deeper. Look at the original xB0x soft mods…it started with linux and a modded game save, or two…i cant fully remember.This is mainly showing PROOF that we are that much closer to the fun everyone wants. I know Wololo isnt condoning piracy on this site. But SOMEWHERE someone will use this and create loaders and homebrew by what everyone finds through here. Be happy we got this far. 🙂

  10. omar rana says:

    can this run crysis?

  11. linnylover says:

    Linux. Yes !

  12. lin says:

    Anyone got full on linux running or just bare kernel? It’d be interesting to turn ps4 into linux box for heavy workloads and send it jobs from PC.

  13. Juniorpsvita says:

    Emulated Dreamcast via linux in Ps4?is possible?Sorry my inglish.

  14. cleHaxze says:

    Any news about Linux on PS4 Pro?

  15. Ridi says:

    Can you run steam games like cs or dota on it?

  16. Anti-Linux says:

    Linux on PS4 = Poo.

  17. Rabbit says:

    Add Files Checksum Please !

  18. Salim says:

    Wella i want try ROS in PS4 , is it possible?

  1. February 16, 2018

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