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PS4 4.05: How to run an FTP Server and access your PS4’s files (with full root access)


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19 Responses

  1. DarkElement says:

    The Specter’s exploit doesn’t have any problem with FTP payload. Just that IDC’s exploit jailbreaks = grands full FTP access

    • spok says:

      well FTP Blackbox was the first homebrew along with a backup manager for PS3 however there is nothing to transfer on PS4 for now:)

  2. Drk says:

    Happy new year

  3. SeanP2500 says:

    i cannot hexedit these files i was told they need to be recompiled…

  4. 0x20Man says:

    Small nitpick, FTP default port is 21 not 20…

  5. Randal says:

    i love your site since somewhat 2009-2010ish. keep up the good work mate!

  6. zara says:

    Any way to delete the errors log to prevent sony peeking at them?
    Since debug menu was activated, I’ve got the errors related to it logged in the errors section, this could be a bad thing.

  7. First says:


  8. Joe says:

    Just tried this and it scared the living daylights out of me after I sent the payload and my PS4 suddenly turned itself OFF!!!

    Left it a while said a prayer and turned it ON, pheewww…. everything seems to be OK.

  9. Erick says:

    when I send the ftp payload, my PS4 shows “not enough memory space” and I can not get FTP access.

  10. Lollypop says:

    Would a 4.05 payload alsof work in a 3.55 webkit?

  11. Lollypop says:

    Is there a tutorial compiling FTP payload?

  12. RodPin says:

    Just one note on IDC’s exploit… Unlike Specterdev, IDC’s will hang and not load any confirmation page on your browser, and that’s correct. When your browsr hangs, it will be the time to send the payload.

  13. pascal says:

    system memory is not enough if i want t join with filezilla

  14. Mock says:

    how to use a ip? do i put 0 in front or clear out the numbers not in use

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