Fail0verflow: Dumping a PS4 Kernel in “only” 6 Days


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21 Responses

  1. TheZisadumdum says:

    This is such amazing news. I got two PS4’s unopened and on lower firware waiting for this day to come so we can all finally pirate games. This is what the PS4 is made for to pirate. First!!!!!!!!

  2. Jake says:

    Hopes for 4.55!

    • azoreseuropa says:

      There are already 5.00 and 5.01 fully exploit by the developer team. Be patient. 🙂

      • William says:

        if you mean by qwerty guy dude, keep on dreaming…

        dunno why that dude keep spamming twitter “hey i did this, hey i did that” but didn’t do any release, i mean what the point? atleast sell the exploit to sony

  3. zz says:

    4.55 slim for the win. Having high hopes for it in 2018. FakeDNS + some browser exploit and a rebug cfw would be great.

  4. FFTW says:

    what does dumping the kernel help in if the firmware is already hacked like in 4.05?

    • StepS says:

      It’s an amazing technical achievement in itself.
      Although based on the info we’re given, this could be still used to dump the kernel of firmwares between 4.05 and 4.50, which don’t yet have a public exploit available.

  5. Katona Mátyás says:

    My Ps4 Pro is on 4.07…. I can still hope!

  6. nope says:

    That’s insane. The Kernel (at least one dump I found) is 4.24 MB big. That suggests it took a total of 265,000 crashes (approximately) to dump the entire kernel. Kudos to you all.

    • math says:

      are you insane? if you read up you would find the interval between crashes was 5 minutes; from that and knowing it took 6 days we can calculate it it took no more than about 1732 crashes

      1hr / 5 = 12;
      24 x 12 = 288 crashes per day;
      288 x 6 = 1728 crashes total over 144 hours // 6 days

      to begin with i gave a 20 minute margin of error for +4 crashes

  7. PU55YDE5TROYER says:

    I just took a dump in 6 minutes, I think I got them beat…

  8. John says:

    Nobody! Even no crack for the firware 3.55!…

  9. wow…..If it is that easy to do, then you know the games under 4.50 will be easily decrypted and playable in a fairly short amount of time which is not really a good thing.I would prefer it take hackers a year or more again at least…..To each their own though. I would rather buy any games worth buying and just have custom GUI hacks and custom plugins if I am going to play any PS4 games with the lower firmware systems.

    I specifically purchased these boxes for Linux but I would really love a new XMB style GUI without all that hideous facebook blue everywhere.. Ewww….. Overclocking, underclocking, custom GUI and hud, game mods, PSP like special GUI menu’s, added PS3 Blu ray remote support, KODI or Movian media player that may be able to work directly with the linux kernel with some modifications….Emulators as well….

    There are so many amazing and useful tools that can be done here to improve quality of life in the games and expand upon the consoles ability with a simple and fully functional linux distribution that has full GFX processor kernel support and properly patched kernels for the rest of the hardware. I am really looking forward to having steam run on these still. In fact, just having that alone is perfect. I think a virtual box in Linux could also allow some limited windows apps to be run which would allow some simpler 2D games to run at close to full speed if the memory requirements are low enough.

  10. vitagaming says:

    Does this mean I’m good with a Ps4 with 4.50? I don’t want to have to look for Ps4 with a
    lower fw.