How to update your PS4 to firmware 4.05 (or any other firmware)


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  1. Fimo says:

    My PS4 was sleeping in a drawer for 2 years and when yesterday I upgraded to 4.05, I forgot to unflag that new option ! 🙁 “disable internet connection in rest mode”

    I’m in 4.05, debug settings are working, but 5.03 PUP has been downloaded.
    Now everytime I’m booting I have that message “Do you want to update to 5.03 ?” with by default the cursor on YES.

    With FW 4.0 that’s no more possible to delete a downloaded PUP in notification etc..

    How can I delete that 5.03 PUP and get ridd off that scarry message on boot ?

    Maybe use a 4.05 FTP server payload, find that file and delete it ? (if I find that PUP in a writable directory ?)

  2. Vkey says:

    Thanks for saying its not for *above* 4.05 , well any guesses for E3 flasher kind of hardware downgrades ?

    • thousandyoung says:

      It is useless for the majority who already updated to play the latest games. This is basically them throwing a small bone. I bet the devs are already hacked on higher firmwares.

      • spok says:

        so far only FW which allows to play “backups” is still 1.76 so there is no reason to buy PS4 or install 4.05 which allows nothin…

  3. David says:

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  4. Dolf says:

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  5. heedthebaw says:

    hi im on 4.01 but my ps4 wants to update to 5.0 do i just put 4.05 on usb and install that or will i have to something else first?

  6. a7mag3ddon says:

    Wow first link for firmware has been removed already, thanks to SCE.Party 🙂

  7. marco says:

    hello guys I’m on the 3.55 now for many years and I would not make the mistake to upgrade to 4.05 and then find myself a news that there is something more huge on ofw less than 4.05, so my questions are:
    1-update and ambitious about this exploit? What can I really do?
    2-can I install the pkg demo games? as ?
    3- I read that there is a fake section saved what is it? can I put a ps4 save for another account on mine? .

    • Fiestebitan says:

      This “news” on the scene Is practical a blind spot, Theres no way 2 find out ifs gona b More juicy older firmwares, so my sugest Is to update to 4.05 in my case i Will do it mostly cuz im literaly diying to play the last guardian, AND hopefully someting God on this news of teamdev make my New years Eve =)

  8. Sergio says:

    Just connect to internet and uses system update. Its easy and no usb needed

  9. Godd says:

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  10. andoryuu3 says:

    Pro Tip: If your PS4 complains about not being connected to the internet OR about DNS servers like mine did, install 4.05 using Safe Mode!

    I followed the guide to a T (USB key ready with the proper filename and folder structure), then while my PS4 was still on I held the PS button to get to the power menu. From there I powered my console COMPLETELY OFF (it cannot be in Rest Mode), then held the power button for about 10 seconds (until the console beeps a second time) and released.

    From there I followed the next four screens to get my console updated. Just follow the four images found here:

    Note to WOLOLO: You may use my images if you would like 🙂

  11. andoryuu3 says:

    Hate to bug ya Wololo, but you should also consider updating this article using the firmware file from this reddit thread:

    The file listed in this thread is also an official PS4 4.05 firmware file. The difference is this one is REQUIRED if your hard drive ever gets corrupted and needs reformatting (which HAS happened to me out of normal PS4 use), as well as if you ever want to upgrade your HDD.

    MD5 of the official 4.05 Sony RECOVERY firmware is:

  12. Hach says:

    Better question how to get a ps4 with 4.05, i saw on german amazon, a uncharted bude costs ~480€ , but where u can get for ~250€?

  13. IamSephiroth says:


    These Firmware fits with european PS4 or not ?

  14. vampula says:

    Question: will there beexploit for 5.00?

  15. This is wonderful News! Now I can watch WarRoom and Infowars Commercial free on RonGibsons youtube channel on Linux on the PS4 instead of on the PS3’s! My Mom somehow got banned on my account while watching youtube one day so I got fed up with $ony and decided to just use it for a media center and that is it. I stopped buying games for it although I am still tempted to do so now as they are really cheap to buy. Then in the future I can also install steam and get my steam messages as well as watching Youtube to get real news that fights Communism all in one convenient package! In time, The Linux install can be made permanent and wont have to be exploited manually each time too! WOOOO HOOO!!! 2 years tops before we get a perma linux installer is my best guess too! My 3 PS4 pros are going to be the best darn media centers ever now that they are going to be fully fledged linux boxes!! The only thing that sucks is the fact the PS4 has a second system on a chip that manages updates so I need a proxy to block all of the sony servers indefinitely. I really am looking forward to hackers making the PS3 Bluray remote work on the PS4! I know that will likely happen in time too. 😀

  16. Eyob Shiferaw says:

    Is there a jailbreak for firmware 5.05. Or if there isn’t is there anyway I can downgrade my ps4 to 4.4.05 too get a jailbreak ?

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