PS Vita firmware 3.67 released


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  1. Jefphar says:

    I guess the exploit in 3.65 is in the works and secretly on the wild

  2. Jarrah White says:

    Would I be correct in saying that the PSVimgTools Whitelist hack is still safe? The PSVimgTools came out last April and it wasn’t patched by 3.65.

    • Frank says:

      You would be correct because no update can block this. You are modifying files onto the computer directly, not on the machine.

  3. TesseractE says:

    I wonder if the Twitter update allows 280 characters. Still can’t do that on the PS4….

  4. Mr. KEK says:

    Wow, so no vulnerabilities patched.

  5. ZeRo says:

    Does anyone know if VHBL still works when coming from 3.65?

  6. Fyre says:

    He said something about the Wifi, if I had to make a guess I’m assuming its fixing that KRACK WiFi exploit. Then they just threw on some other stuff they had on the backburner. Were there even any 3.65 exploits, or any post 3.60 exploits for that matter?

  7. Golephish says:

    Vhbl still going strong

  8. Tom says:

    Cobra blackfin patch. Just because yufinlee and others haven’t reversed the blackfin release enough to see this patch’s validity does not mean it has none in respect to patching hacks.

  9. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    I love you Sony but g*damn you. Odds are there is a PS3 patch now coming too.

  10. Rolenzorol says:

    I finally tried out my Henkaku Enso recently. It still has that problem where it dismounts the memory card if you play put the vita in sleep mode for a long time 🙁

  11. YingYang says:

    3DS xl blows Vita Awaaaaaayyyyyy

    • golephish says:

      @YingYang – different strokes for different folks. I have both and like them for what each can do.

    • PSTV-wood_sporters says:

      Spoken like a true Mario fanboy.
      Nintendo is thriving these days from nostalgia and fanboy pipedream wishes. The minis sold just from folks thinking they had to have one.
      Switch is a glorified nvidia shield toy. No thanks.

      • Sony fanboys are triggered. says:

        The irony of this post from someone with a mega flop hardware in the username.

      • Sony fanboys are triggered. says:

        Sure Crash remastered did sell to new users, not to PS1 nostalgic fanboys.
        And the irony to have a flopped Sony hardware as username. This is gold.
        Enjoy your three hentai games on Vita.

        • Nintendo fanboys are triggered says:

          At least it didn’t fail as bad as the Wii U 😛

        • Hentai Fanboys are triggered says:

          Whoa whoa whoa. There’s Three hentai games on Vita now? What are they called?

          • 909090 says:

            if nude modes can be considered “hentai”, then there’re more (senran kagura, akibas trip from the top of my head)

    • ZeroSbr says:

      3DS XL is a flimsy piece of plastic. The only good games are remakes/ports of older ones and Kirby: Planet Robobot.

      • AdvicePuffin says:

        Yeah, the *** build quality is what makes me hate nintendo products.

      • Sony fanboys are triggered. says:

        lol this is so untrue. Sad thing is you know it.
        Meanwhile Vita have a lot of new games… oh wait

        • PSTV-wood-sporters says:

          Nintendo is just full of sterile, “G” Rated, uber politically correct games these days. Sign me up…….not.

          • golephish says:

            you guys are on fire 🙂 it is ok to like one or both or none! as a company there are good/bad about each. just play the ones that you like. that’s why we have them all. is ‘near” really gone on the vita? I tried to see what people were playing and it said …. nope.

        • Nintendo fanboys are triggered says:

          Enjoy your *** hardware.

        • ZeroSbr says:

          Actually I don’t know that. I own a N2DS XL and have games for it. It’s not like I can’t buy 3DS games if I want them. There just aren’t that many good ones. Overhyped system is overhyped.

          • Nah. says:

            Yeah… overhyped for seven years. You know nothing. You probably did not have a 3ds until yesterday.
            (in the previous comment was 3DSxl and now it has become N2DSxl lol).

          • kaluas says:

            @Nah, he never said that he owns a 3ds, you are just triggered.

            And as a matter of fact, Vita has a lot of games, console games.
            In the 3ds you cannot make a top ten games to play without mario games.
            Wherever i look i have to see this idiot mustache.

          • hhhh says:

            @ kaluas
            Shin Megami Tensei 4, Bravely Default and Second, several Monster Hunter games, several Ace Attoney games, Harvest Moon, Etrian Odyssey and the list continues.
            These are more than 10 and not Mario games.
            The only idiotic thing here is you.

            @ ZeroSbr
            These aren’t porting or remake of old games. Go back Monster Monpiece.

    • Sony fanboys are triggered. says:

      As it should be.

  12. TocTic says:

    PS Vita all day long..I have 2 Vita,s 3 Ds xl and a few ps3 and 4s

  13. kaluas says:

    ENSO user here 🙂
    I feel like i haven’t seen the OP’s image in …. years

    Long live the Vita Community!

  14. HackThat says:

    Guess I’m not updating

  15. Joanes says:

    Since VHBL still works, would not it be possible to do some way to bring HENKAKU to other versions?

    • Hack That says:

      No sadly, Henkaku is a kernel hack but vhbl is a game injection witch uses the psp emulator on the ps vita to run home-brew for meant psp

      • Hack That says:

        So unless the psp emulator can be broken to run the games on the vita kernel (witch is easier said than done) its impossible to use vhbl for henkaku.

  16. Don't hack 3.65 says:

    I’m having so much fun on 3.60.
    backup PS Vita games
    backup PSP games
    downloaded music and movies

  17. Shad0w136 says:

    It will be very interesting to see how this plays out

  18. Kek says:

    Any news on HENkaku for 3.61 and above? I’ve kept my Vita on 3.63 in hopes of a hack being released soon.

    • Magma Hunter says:

      why not get yourself a vita motherboard with the 3.60 ofw? it’s not hard to replace them and I got mine for $30 online. (needed a replacement anyway because of a faulty tilt sensor)

  19. Anonymous says:

    I accidentally upgrade my software version to 3.67! Can I still use the hack for 3.60 for this? 🙁

    • skeleton2331 says:

      i did the same thing i just got a PS vita and did not realize that i shouldn’t have updated it what should i do if anyone can help me i would be greatful.

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  21. SWatman says:

    I’m currently on 3.65 and trying to avoid updating to 3.67. Because somewhow I’m thinking I still have a chance hack my Vita to load some emulators?? Is this possible or am I just dreaming?! Everyone says that ignorance you’re past 3.60 don’t even think about it!
    The only working hack, I was told I never ended to download a PS1 demo, but I can’t do that if I don’t update. So I’m just confused! Should I just give up on the possibility of hacking this vita and go for he latest update??

  22. SWatman says:

    Let me try this again too many autocorrect mistakes…
    I’m currently on 3.65 and trying to avoid updating to 3.67. Because somewhow I’m thinking I still have a chance to hack my Vita to load some emulators! Is this possible or am I just dreaming?! Everyone says that once you’re past 3.60 don’t even think about it!
    The only working hack I found, asks to download a PS1 demo, but I can’t do that if I don’t update. So I’m just confused! Should I just give up on the possibility of hacking this vita and just go for he latest update 3.67??

  23. Goman says:

    Someone tried of this work with 3.67?

    • Long live the Vita!!! XD says:

      Hi I’m in ofw 3.67 and I managed to install VHBL and I can run emulators on 3.67 no need to hack so it is still possible to Run emulators on latest update

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  25. Let’s wait for more newer versions of it. PS rules.