Tutorial: How to use PS3Xploit to hack your PS3 and go directly to Rebug 4.81.2! (Noob friendly)


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  1. Fat Mike says:

    I don’t understand the model . I have a CECHJ04, this console ( 40 Gb Fat) are exploited and hackerable or not?

  2. :( says:

    awww, mine is cech-300 :((

  3. Striix says:

    A Tip 4 u all, it will work 100% without failure, when u, put in ur stick before u Start the PS3, i dont know why, but mi 80Gig Old Lady and 60Gig Old Lady got exploits only with this step at first. My brothers PS3 Slim one of the fiirst Models, also needs this Process first, so i think, this was not explained. I belive it works also without theese Step, but with many failures and “blank” page setups etc….

  4. Joao says:

    Guys, I have a CECH25xxB datecode 0C (firm 3.40 min) but I’m stucked at the update screen, saying that I’m not allow to update with error 8002F14, I’ve searched at Psdevwiki and its related to issue with bd drive. Am I f***? Do I need to change the bd drive to update the firmware and then try this exploit? Can someone help me? Thanks

    • Sora says:

      8002F14E is a faulty Bluray Drive or a faulty Wifi/Bluetooth Chip. You need to replace one of the two things. Or it wont work.

  5. Fat Mike says:

    On the guide it’s talk about the OFW 4.82… but on the internet the last i’ve found is 4.81.

  6. Christian Schwarz says:

    my Ps3 Slim 20xx dont restart after use the exploid any help ?

  7. Bruno says:

    Thanks a lot, so much soooo much!!!! Finally my CECHA01 is ready to rock running PS2 games natively!!!! Great tutorial, thank you!!!

  8. James says:

    Not including download times for the required files I did it in about 7 minutes.

    I have the original 2006 release day Pht 60GB model which came with OFW 1.00

  9. TotalNoob says:

    This should be noobfriendly guide but you dont tell how i distinguish my fat is it nor or nand? where is the letter located?

  10. Data is corrupted error code 8002f957, when it get to 80% of copying the 4.81.2

  11. TP says:

    once i start the process, it says success but the screen stays frozen

    i waited 20 minutes but nothing, restarted my ps3, same thing happens

  12. Seiken says:

    It works like charm with my PS3Slim CECH-2004A. Many Thanks !

  13. HacKTrieK says:

    works great on fat CECHH04 40gb
    after flash i swap the 40gb hdd with 500gb (first backup)
    everythings was going real smooth

  14. Carson says:

    Sorry for the noob question. I have installed the CFW successfully and also installed multiman pkg. Downloaded a ps2 iso and tried to run it in multiman under “Retro” but it couldn’t find it in the “Retro”. Did I miss something? I kept hearing about Enabling Cobra. Can someone tell me how to do that?

    • Blxcklists says:

      Go to Install Package Files, System Storge, install Rebug Toolbox, start it then enable webMAN then Cobra, restart system and try!

  15. coffincolors says:

    Will this method work with the CECHA12 model?

  16. Coffincolors says:

    Nevermind to my question the answer is yes it is fully supported! CECHA12. I had to host the files myself using the Mini Server executable, I also set the nand HTML page for running the exploit as the PS3 browser homepage, then deleted my cache and ran the exploit. It freezes on the success message sometimes but if it does that you can just turn it off, in my case the moment that it finally worked it immediately beeps upon showing success and shut down the system.

    On another note to answer some other questions I saw on this comment thread, that same data corruption error I received when hadn’t actually installed the exploit correctly exploit but attempted to install rebug. I had my system freeze up when it said success and wasn’t sure if it had worked or not. I reiterate, the system should not freeze once you start the exploit and receive success

  17. Mr Fahrenheit says:

    I have a PS3 slim (CECH-2011A) on 4.82, is it hackable?

    • Aurora says:

      Yes, it is hackable. If you’re not 100% sure about the model number (or you’re feeling overly paranoid), just run minverchk 🙂

      • Mr Fahrenheit says:

        Just did, i installed a CFW for the first time on my PS3 thanks to you 🙂
        The exploit part was kinda tricky tho, i had to try like 7 times and close/open my browser multiples times but it finally worked.

  18. tacol1ght says:

    Installed on an CECH2001A slim perfectly. confirmed 2 flashes with no bricks including my phat cechh01

  19. Steve says:

    After sucessfuly installing REBUG 4.81.2 uding the above tutorial, I’m trying to install REBUG 4.82.1 LITE to get PSN back, but using the System Update/PUP file on USB it gives me a corrupt file error, even though the MD5s check out. Any ideas?

  20. Hammer says:

    Now that the Rebug 4.82.1 Lite is out, can I use it instead of the Rebug 4.81.2 Syscon Thibobo version to hack my console ?

  21. ForkrexX says:

    Im sorry,im not your normal “noob”.I have not used my PS3 in over 3 years so i have absolutely NO idea of what to do.I can’t follow the instructions properly because I’m autistic or something lol…I only got into my PS3 again because i heard that you can jailbreak it and pirate games on it.Can you do a video tutorial on how to do the jailbreak?

    And i mean,a video tutorial with EVERY.LITTLE.DETAIL on what i should do.I am really dumb and my IQ is probably 73 at best.So it would be really nice if you could show me every step with detail. : )

  22. robert amponin says:

    how to download the firmware, i’ll tried so many times but i cant get the exact fw. any help , pl’s

  23. OTARAZ-FINEST says:

    Why does my update stop at 72%? And an error 8002F957 pops up. What have I done wrong?

  24. ForkrexX says:

    Hey,at the back of my PS3 it says: C E C H – 3004B

    Does that mean i cannot jailbreak it?

  25. Liam says:

    Hey guys, I’m trying to run this on a PHAT PS3, but my console keeps freezing up. After it says ‘Success’ on the downgrader, it just seems to freeze and the console never reboots. Any ideas? All help much appreciated.

  26. nemesis says:

    Didnt work for me on a cech-2103. Console freezes at exploit page after obtaining “Success” message. Flashdrive is fine, also tested with a different hdd, formated it and went on to the process. Same result. Not a flashdrive issue for sure… anyway I gave up after 3 h trying to install cfw through this method (proceeded to use e3 flasher, no issues with that), also left a comment with the full extent of the tests I did – comment removed or didn’t got approved .. ***…

  27. Lars says:

    Finally i jailbreak my ps3… Now hard to find ps3 backup’s online.. dammit… anybody suggestions?

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