Tutorial: How to use PS3Xploit to hack your PS3 and go directly to Rebug 4.81.2! (Noob friendly)


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  1. Fat Mike

    I don’t understand the model . I have a CECHJ04, this console ( 40 Gb Fat) are exploited and hackerable or not?

  2. :(

    awww, mine is cech-300 :((

  3. Striix

    A Tip 4 u all, it will work 100% without failure, when u, put in ur stick before u Start the PS3, i dont know why, but mi 80Gig Old Lady and 60Gig Old Lady got exploits only with this step at first. My brothers PS3 Slim one of the fiirst Models, also needs this Process first, so i think, this was not explained. I belive it works also without theese Step, but with many failures and “blank” page setups etc….

  4. Joao

    Guys, I have a CECH25xxB datecode 0C (firm 3.40 min) but I’m stucked at the update screen, saying that I’m not allow to update with error 8002F14, I’ve searched at Psdevwiki and its related to issue with bd drive. Am I f***? Do I need to change the bd drive to update the firmware and then try this exploit? Can someone help me? Thanks

    • Sora

      8002F14E is a faulty Bluray Drive or a faulty Wifi/Bluetooth Chip. You need to replace one of the two things. Or it wont work.

  5. Fat Mike

    On the guide it’s talk about the OFW 4.82… but on the internet the last i’ve found is 4.81.

  6. Christian Schwarz

    my Ps3 Slim 20xx dont restart after use the exploid any help ?

  7. Bruno

    Thanks a lot, so much soooo much!!!! Finally my CECHA01 is ready to rock running PS2 games natively!!!! Great tutorial, thank you!!!

  8. James

    Not including download times for the required files I did it in about 7 minutes.

    I have the original 2006 release day Pht 60GB model which came with OFW 1.00

  9. TotalNoob

    This should be noobfriendly guide but you dont tell how i distinguish my fat is it nor or nand? where is the letter located?

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