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“Christmas in November” release: PS3 Custom Firmware installer for Firmware 4.82


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68 Responses

  1. Red

    I took the liberty of hosting the exploit files on my webserver to save everyone some time if they want to do this. http://redthetrainer.com/ps3/

  2. BenoitRen

    Nice. I might be able to get 480p on my PAL PS3 through this. Maybe it’ll also re-enable the transfer of PS Vita titles to PS Vita consoles with firmware 3.60.

  3. Kingknuts

    For people stuck on Success and the screen is frozen, make sure to clear cache and cookies, the reload the page, Wololo I guess you should put this in the article

  4. makak1984

    Hi I have question I have PS3 Slim cech-2504b 0d is this method good for me?

  5. Frank

    CECH-2004A – flash successful 🙂

  6. SakkeMO

    Damn, not long time ago traded my phat ps3 to slim and now turns out this slim is 3.60…

  7. Dukowski

    CECH 30xxB

  8. javcube

    CECH-4001B, not even trying… fml…

  9. xpsbts

    It worked for me.

  10. Sean

    Having a tough time with this. I have a slim 2xxx model, fw 4.82. Took a pen drive and put the file on the root, only other thing on the drive is the CFW. I use the adress hosted by Red (Thank you) with the pen drive in the port closest to the BD Drive. Click 4.82 NOR/NAND Writer, 4.82 NAND, and usually it says “Failed to trigger” and I clear cache and cookies. restart browser and try again. I have gotten Success a few times, but it just stayed frozen for ~10 minutes. twice now I have gotten it to beep then restart (Usually after ~3 seconds). When that happens I go to the xmb system update, try to install overflow, it says “corrupted”. I then tried Recovery mode, “Corrupted”.

  11. newlydeadps3

    word to the wise..you must have to run the exploit everytime..went to install firmware after it rebooted..something came up..i turned it off. turned it back on and went to install fw..everything was going smooth until it went to restart and black screen forever..can’t get into anything at all now. not ofw or recovery menu just black screen. luckily this ps3 was $7 bucks at flea market.

  12. newlydeadps3

    just to fill in some blanks on my op the exploit was successful the first time it rebooted (guess this was the time to install cfw) then all that stuff came up so i turned it off. then eventually back on and then tried to install cfw from ofw not recovery. so run the exploited again is what i shoulda done i’m assuming.

  13. CECH-30xxA

    useless… wish they would have told us before giving us hope again

    • READ!

      They TOTALLY DID when they released the dumper and first talked about the exploit. I *** you not, the first article about it on this site said this:

      “2) We have ran into a few issues concerning 300x and 4xxx consoles as far as writing to flash with lv0.2. These models will most likely require another exploit to take full advantage of CFW features like older consoles, and may not have full support upon release.”