PSV VSH Menu v1.1 – Save CPU/GPU state + more nostalgia


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. LAP87 says:

    Sweet stuff!

  2. reyner says:

    i installed the plug in , but i cant make it work . dont know whats happening . i put the plug on tai and also modify the config txt with *ALL ux0:tai/vsh.suprx

  3. HiroSaijo says:

    So… Just tried to set this up. I’m running On Enso and I thought I had to write in the config file this way:


    But then when I went to reboot my Vita, it now hangs on the bootup screen… I really do not want to reformat my memory card and start over from scratch, is there any way to at least get to the config file so I can try the setup process again? Or am I genuinely sc*** and left with a potentially bricked system, or have to set up everything on my Vita from scratch?

    • HiroSaijo says:

      Nope, never mind… I figured out what was wrong as soon as I typed this and sent it. I guess I really do need to start from scratch now…

      • Joel16 says:

        Oh this is not a kernel plugin that was a rather bad idea. If you ever messed with tai’s config and your system hangs on the boot screen you can always hold some button (I think it was either L or R) to make it boot without any plugins.

        • HiroSaijo says:

          Gah… I guess I should have tried googling that. It’s fine though, it was just initially annoying because of me needing to set up everything I had on my Vita and grab my plugins/homebrew. All I really lost was saves, I got everything else back easily. I will have to remember to try and hold one of those buttons down in the future if that happens again… Thank you very much for informing me however.

  4. lollypop says:


    sudo apt-get install python2.7 python-pip
    pip install capstone

    tar -xvf 3.0.5-rc2.tar.gz
    cd capstone-3.0.5-rc2
    sudo make install

    cd bindings
    cd python
    sudo python install
    cd ..
    cd ..

    cd ..

    mkdir exploit
    cd exploit
    mv index.html
    sudo apt-get install unzip
    unzip -d ps3_idps_021_ps3ploit
    cd ps3_idps_021_ps3ploit
    cd ps3_idps_dumper-v0.2.1-PS3XPloit/

    chmod a+x
    chmod a+x

  5. ralfy172 says:

    The battery doesn´t stay on the corner once I exit the menu, is that a bug?

    • Joel16 says:

      Nope, most people wouldn’t like to have the battery status to stay on the top right. So it’s only visible once you open the vsh menu.

  6. neko says:

    anyone know how much is vita with firmware 3.18 worth how much nowadays? because i want to sell it.

  7. Solarus says:

    Don’t working for me

  8. CopyPaste says:

    Hmm used with “*ALL” worked with reality fighters but did not worked on one piece pirate warriors 3.

  9. ely says:

    if i have oclockvita installed? do i have to delete it?

  10. Q13E5 says:

    i got it to work. just in case if you have problems, did you do this? located in the ux0:/tai folder.
    and install the .VPK?