PS3: Developer esc0rtd3w announces PS3 4.81 exploit for “around Christmas”


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63 Responses

  1. ab says:

    who need it? ps3 is dead

    • Greg says:

      congratz on being stupid

    • Oeli says:

      A console is not dead if the official support is over. If there is a scene around the platform it’s still alive.

      • spok says:

        especially when there is no PS4 JB – i cancelled order of 2016 bundle since after “days” now are “weeks” and will be “months” 🙁

      • Zebellah says:

        Even if the support is over, a console never dies in the eyes of a gamer. Just check the retro gaming scene.

    • Adam says:

      by your logic, who needs an Atari? Who needs an NES? Who needs a Sega Saturn? PS3 is actually far from dead. They still release PS+ games monthly for PS3. The PS3 is also the last “backward compatible” console from Sony. It still plays PS1 games and some models play PS2 games as well. (of course, by your logic, those are dead too)

      • Armed_&_Overclocked says:

        and CFW can restore backwards compatibility to PS2 games for the models that don’t natively support it out of the box.

    • Alvert C says:

      Ludicrous!! ***, even the Vita was dead practically in it’s birth, but that is still alive and kicking even more than thought possible. The PS3 scene was huge back in the day and this would be a massive kick in it’s side and practically open up the scene to many more users. The PS3 still sees some pretty major releases nowadays; I mean ***, MGSV was a massive success for the PS3 considering how good the Fox Engine was and ran on the PS3 and that was only a few years ago.

    • Yu Narunegro says:

      Why the *** does that matter? Since when a console’s not appreciated anymore for its games and features because it’s officially discontinued? I swear, this generation of gamers is… uh… weird, to say the least.

  2. Thanks says:

    Wow. Finally it came. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and finally got a chance for 3xxx or 4xxx. ps3 is still a good game machine. Of course, now the hacking of ps4 is more urgent, but I am going to wait for the ps4 hack, enjoying the game I have not been able to play with ps3.

  3. mas says:

    What’s the advantage of a hacked cech4200 compared to my hacked cech2500 ps3?

    • Armed_&_Overclocked says:

      Nothing that i know of.

      I believe the comments on the 4xxxx models was simply to elucidate that those particular models may be more difficult to hack compared to others based on their hardware.

    • EFSF says:

      4200 lower power consumption

    • Jack Attack says:

      4200s are much more reliable on all counts. I have a phat but after this I will definitely get the super slim as a backup.

  4. nebu_187 says:

    great… i sold my 2 ps3’s to get a ps4. Hope they release something for the ps4 on 4.50

    • Adam says:

      PS3 systems are DIRT CHEAP now! Check your local GameStop, on their website, they have some for less than $100….

      • nebu_187 says:

        yeah i know but i have so many systems… my wife won’t agree + i have bills to pay

        • Normie says:

          They already have a Kexploit for PS4’s 5.00, and below we’re just waiting for it to be patched, or they find another Kexploit to take its place for archiving sake… TBH you should’ve kept your PS3 its not like there isn’t any good games on it, and Sony is the only company that doesn’t allow free backwards compatibility with physical, or digital titles currently (Unless they’re cross-buy which is very unlikely for AAA games) Not counting the Switch which isn’t being sold as a sequel to any of their previous consoles unlike the PS4, (+) to the PS3, or the Xbox One (+) to the Xbox 360

        • HerbalNekoTea says:

          Don’t let’s woman ruin your fun.

        • nebu_187 says:

          I used master manipulation tactics and the wife agreed 😀 she will buy one tomorrow for christmas hahaha now lets hope this is real and not a hoax.

          • dayum says:

            niguh how’d u do it??? cant even get one console :/
            punnani’s great tho lol

          • nebu_187 says:

            in short i pointed out the things i do for her and that i care about her happiness so she should care about mine to. I told her that my consoles do not have to be on display at the same time i will swap them.

  5. Armed_&_Overclocked says:

    I still use my Ps3 quite regularly but have been stuck on 4.81 for quite sometime since i don’t have a model that can be flashed and downgraded.

    I got into the PS3 rather late so a lot of the games are still fresh to me, and quite affordable at the local retro gaming stores.

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      ^^^ I’m in the same boat as you. Very late adopter to a few consoles that I have played with via friends and relatives, but as far as personally owning no. Now that I own a ps3 and some other consoles, I like visiting some of the stores that deal in retro games, and finding something new (at least to me). For example I been getting into the Uncharted franchise, and recently started the first one.

      And I’ll agree to your point that games are affordable on older consoles. I got a decent backlog of ps3 games to go through on probably a lil more than $100, and I’m not just talking 10 or so games. Quite a bit more than that lol.

      • nebu_187 says:

        yes its true but a hacked ps3 is so much more then ps3 games

      • Armed_&_Overclocked says:

        If you haven’t already there are two really fun transformers games for the PS3. War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybtertron.

        These aren’t like the games that are based on the movies, and most of the voice acting is done by the original voice actors to the G1 series, and its overall very solid gameplay.

        I also heard devestation also is very good, but i haven’t been able to find it myself to confirm.

        Also the Sonic & sega allstar racing games are a blast and in my opinion are better than mario kart.

        • spok says:

          what about exclusives: except Uncharted 1-3 there is Resistance 1-3, Killzone 2/3, GodOfWar 3/Ascension, GT 5/6 etc.

          • nightwishfan1 says:

            ^^^Those are all in my backlog actually lol. I just bounce back and forth between the various consoles I own that I don’t quite get around to certain games until the itch to play that particular game gets me. I actually found the whole Resistance series for less than $5 at Gamestop. Don’t quote me on this but if I remember right I found Resistance 1 for like $0.99, 2 for about $2, and the third was around $2 as well and each had the case and any associated manual to them. This was before the majority of the stores stopped stocking ps3 games.

          • nightwishfan1 says:

            Yep those are in my backlog lol. I don’t quite play every game in it though, cause when I get the itch to play a certain other game on another console then I tend to ignore other consoles backlogs. I do get around to my games eventually. It’s just a matter of when.

  6. EFSF says:

    Don’t stuck with 300x and 4xxx consoles, release somethings for 100X and 2XXX first… 300x and 4xxx leave it next year…

  7. Whitey McWhitester says: enable PS3 to play PS4, games. oh. yeah suck on it sony-san! next please make vita play ps2 games thanks.

  8. Rageahol says:

    Wow. Ps3, that’s so retro.

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      It’s not about the fact of the ps3 being retro. If you paid attention it’s actually about going to retro stores as opposed to gamestop or some other established game store franchise, and paying significantly less than the markup prices of gamestop or other retail chain specializing in video games. For example I found all 3 Resistance games for less than $5 total.

  9. MMM says:

    lol PS3

  10. Samsqwamch says:

    Hot Damn! Can’t wait. Been on PS3 OFW forever.

  11. BenoitRen says:

    Only thing I’d like PS3 CFW for would be to reenable transfer from PS3 to PS Vita. And maybe to enable 480p (replaced by 576p on PAL consoles).

  12. Nunbgu says:

    Is the hack to be released on the superslim model or the older ones?

    • Alvert C says:

      This isn’t a hardware hack so there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be capable on every version.

      • nebu_187 says:

        read the article
        quote:”2) We have ran into a few issues concerning 300x and 4xxx consoles as far as writing to flash with lv0.2. These models will most likely require another exploit to take full advantage of CFW features like older consoles, and may not have full support upon release. These models may need the community to build upon our current work….this is not fully worked out yet and may be resolved.”

  13. Alvert C says:

    I’ve been out of the PS3 scene for a while, but was there when it started and heavily involved….whereas I really didn’t have an impact on the scene (did make a few cheat PKGs for PS3ISO), I’m still using what I have. Still currently have 2 jailbroken PS3s (Release day Phat and 1st-gen Slim) that work perfectly on what I considered the best CFW, Rogero 4.55. Being that I’m very into the PC scene nowadays and can mostly get all I need from that, there are a few games in my massive collection that I still go back to now-and-then. This is still great news for the scene.

  14. Tha_Dat says:

    I’m very excited about this! Hope everything goes well.

  15. d4rk51d3 says:

    Very cool if this eventuates.
    I miss my old CFW phat.

  16. ratsz says:

    Leak drama coming? Or early Christmas gift…

  17. fluk3 says:

    Did anyone else download the leak that wololo retweeted? Is it real or fake and does it work with the 3000 gen slim models or is it incompatible?

  18. TheTechDoc says:

    Wait, so is this an OFW to CFW solution on 4.81? Or just another CFW for users that have downgraded/happen to be on 3.55? Cus last I checked there was already a 4.81 cfw for the usual downgrade methods, if this really is an OFW to CFW solution then holy *** that would be amazing!

  19. Bionox says:

    What everyone doesn’t get is that

    its gonna be far easier to hack a PS3 with this than RGH on xbox 360
    some of us don’t know about soldering so the ps3 its gonna be the main hacked console

    Here on Mexico atleast I don’t have to pay money to hack my ps3 since this is gonna come out soon!

    • Phoenix says:

      Actually, I’d say that Xbox 360 is pretty much dead for hacking. Original Xbox 360 games are dirt cheap and most good ones can be played on Xbox One. The RGH itself is quite expensive (you need the chips and someone to solder them for you) and more complicated. Also you can’t go on Xbox Live anymore with RGH, with a PS3 CFW you can, and it’s free.

  20. Debo says:

    I have 1 fat 60 gb that’s console banned, a fat 60gb that is still legit, and a 3k model that’s torn apart because I was trying the ps3key and couldn’t solder the tiny *** board……. yay

  21. Hachiro says:

    Dang it. Now I feel like I should have bought that PS3 super slim sale from Newegg a while back. It was something like 60 bucks after rebate x’D

  22. mlik says:

    men I miss geohots

  23. Alpmaster says:

    I would like to play PSP on PS3 I remember something about injecting minis?

  24. GoMovies says:

    The webkit exploit is very real!

  25. Jessie james says:

    wololo did the wift hack effect consoles as well? Didn’t they find a exploit on everybody’s wifi system? Why can’t you use that on the consoles as well sense they have wifi build in. WPA2 protocol used by vast majority of wifi connections has been broken

  26. antwig1 says:

    Can pick up a PS3 slim for £20 (US$26) on gumtree (US equivalent: craigslist) in my (northern) neck of England nowadays – peanuts for one of the greatest consoles of all time

    • 12fail says:

      Yep with Flashing support latter yay, paid 80ish for stuff to try to flash my ps3 and fail/give up. This will make HW flashing obsolete.

  27. dicheal says:

    can someone explain the use of IDPS DUMPER?

  28. Vitagaming says:

    I could swear my cech2501 slim is already on habib cfw 4.81. Anywho I’m keeping it around since I have over 400 backups to enjoy for years to come.

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