PS4 Webkit exploit updated to support all 4.0x firmwares + SpecterDev’s writeup on namedobj vulnerability


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  1. LAP87 says:


    • spok says:

      not yet until functional JB/CFW is released to the public – also at PS3 FW 3.41 JB it took few weeks until everything was fully working 🙂

  2. a7mag3ddon says:

    Unless it’s a simple click to run exit and boot a game most people won’t be able to run it anyways.

    Also, we need some FW 4.07 or lower decrypted games to use as well.

  3. Ivan says:

    Agora meu ps4 vai está em 4.05 eba

  4. thankyouwolololo says:

    The wait is finally over! Can’t wait for the PS4 golden era. Glad I listened to wololo and kept my PS4 at 4.05 😀

    • Moedogg30 says:

      I have question I have ps4 that’s on 1.76 what should I do since the jailbreak will be on 4xx firmware ?

      • SoManySadFools says:

        Just wait for the jailbreak to release on 4.05 and update to that FW later, for now just stay patient 🙂

  5. ad_221 says:

    no one is interested in such an old firmware.
    old firmware == old games.
    While we’re playing GOW, the kiddies will still be replaying GTA . Ha

    • hahaha says:

      I’m interested, and 4.05 isn’t old at all, sucks for you for updating and not being patient ***. And you realize after exploiting the lower FW it can be updated to 4.55 later right? hahaha!

      • ad_221 says:

        Updating to 4.55…ha.. you’re dreaming.
        Hope you like DriveClub and GTA from a few years ago.
        Anyways my Dad will buy me one off ebay if I want it. I just click my fingers.

      • AlanCob says:

        I hope your ps4 breaks today

      • SoManySadFools says:

        Yup, plenty of games will work on 4.05, like FFXV, Gravity Rush 2 etc., not to mention the kernel exploit on 4.55 means we can play 4.55 games later as well.

        Shame all the kids weren’t patient and are crying here now XD

      • jesse says:

        You’re confusing the way the PS4 works and how the PS3 works. The root security key was found in the PS3 allowing us to fork up to current firmware versions – but ONLY on phat PS3 and 2k Slim models, no 3K or superslim work. The PS4 is completely different and the security is properly implemented. It will not be the same case as the PS3. We will be stuck on 4.0X just like the Vita until another exploit is released.

        • ad_221 says:

          lol. I see tears …. tears everywhere.
          You know, DriveClub isn’t a bad game… oh wait.. it’s terrible

          • nikeymikey says:

            Hi, You are just being ***. I have a PS4 thats on 2.03 firmware, not because i was waiting for a hack but because i was so totally underwhelmed by the PS4 that i boxed it back up and shoved it in the loft. Now, if a working jailbreak comes about and things get moving, then yes im glad to have a low firmware system to be able to use the hack. It may make me go out and buy some of the older games that i havent played yet, you know, the ones you think are ***. I think theres a little bit of child like jealousy coming from you because you updated your ps4 and now wont be able to pirate games for free. I hope your daddy tell you to f@$k off and save up for another ps4.
            Does not bother me about being stick on an older fw either, online play is full of kids and epeen fanboys so i wont miss that. Plus theres 3 years + worth of games out there that i havent played yet so that will keep me busy for a while 🙂

          • SadFool^ says:

            the only tears are from you little boy, because you’ll never hack your ps4 🙂

      • maskmark says:

        have a talk with ur guardian u’d find that ps4 fw 4.05 realease was just a year ago.

        • nikeymikey says:

          Why would i cry because i cant yet hack a console that i havent used for at least 2 years… I have plenty of other consoles to play games on. Which exculding my XBone are all hacked by the way….

  6. omar rana says:

    any idea what firmware new ps4 pro comes with?

  7. meysam25 says:

    greeeeeeat news

  8. mood now... happy says:

    I can’t believe this I’m going to cry… I was so annoyed and jealous after the last news.
    thank you wololo for informing us and a special thanks for all the devs who are trying to make Adieu compatible with all 4.0x

  9. ploks says:

    pffffttt i bet my *** most ps4 gamers are not going to be interested in this scene….

  10. vasya says:

    exploit for 5.0 please

    • Moedogg30 says:

      I have question I have ps4 that’s on 1.76 what should I do since the jailbreak will be on 4xx firmware ?

      • Xerain says:

        When the time comes there will surely be a guide for people in your situation. Probably posted on this very site. For now just be patient and don’t think of updating until the people working on these exploits start encouraging people to do so.

    • hmm says:

      stop dreaming, it took them along time to get a decent exploit on 4.05. If you wanted a hack then you shouldn’t of updated.

  11. andoryuu3 says:

    CONFIRMED: PS4 Slim Call of Duty Infinite Warfare bundle (standard black edition) comes with FW v4.01.

    I know this because I just bought one from Target on clearance today for $209.

    At any rate, as pleased as I am knowing the information from this article, I wish we were on the verge of a release for FW v4.50– the firmware version Sony introduced external storage support.

    Who knows though. Maybe devs can add their own external storage support for FWs lower than 4.50. The Vita scene has shown me that truly anything is possible.

  12. thats me says:

    Is there a Chance for a REAL CFW? Or the only way over Charles Proxy Server?

  13. GAMERZEROZ1 says:

    ps4 4.07 tried the exploit and it’s telling me the exploit successfully loaded

  14. hmm says:

    Lol not interested in hacking my PS4 and losing all my genuine purchases and risk a ban or anything. Games are practically free these days anyways. It’s not like the ps2/3 and xbox 360 days anymore.

  15. Chrisic says:

    I’m kind of lost now. Compability till to 4.07 but only works till to 4.05. Means that will be possible to have a JB on 4.07?

  16. Goku says:

    I’m on 4.05 but my ps4 prompts me to update to 4.5 because it pre downloaded it. Is there any way to remove the downloaded update. Perhaps formatting?

  17. erkongrio says:

    what about 4.07 ???

  18. dany says:

    The kernel exploit is not going to work on 4.07):

  19. Tivanh says:

    Specterdev has also said, that end of day 30th, we’ll have a working setup.

  20. Dapoal says:

    What about 5.00 ? :'(

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