PS4: How to get your hands on a PS4 with a 4.05 firmware or lower

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  1. ItZzVast says:

    Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection Bundle comes with below 4.05

    • spok says:

      ok but let us know if there is also one with PS4 Pro so we can use the best gaming experience in case if there is hack also for FW 4.5+ 🙂

  2. TheOne says:

    So glad I was patient and already have a 4.00 PS4, can’t wait!

  3. TheZpeepees says:

    Does this mean we will be able to steal and download PS4 games later like we did with the PS3? This is such great news and pirating is so awesome!!

    • Yep says:

      Yes, this means you can “steal” PS4 games. Just make sure you don’t steal all of them. Leave some for the rest of us please.

    • 4465312 says:

      It’s people like you why EA and other devs drop single player games in favor of multiplayer and loot boxes nonsense. Thanks a lot.

  4. andoryuu3 says:

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (Walmart exclusive Glacier White) came with 4.06

    • andoryuu3 says:

      Also, forgot to mention this is a SLIM PS4 bundle. The black version may come with FW lower than 4.06 due to the white version being released later than the black.

      • andoryuu3 says:

        CONFIRMED: PS4 Slim Call of Duty Infinite Warfare bundle (standard black edition) comes with 4.01.

        I know this because I just bought one from Target on clearance today for $209.

        • huehuehuehuehue says:

          Physical store? Never seen the online store drop so low lately

          That said I think I’ll wait for Kohl’s black friday offer anyway

  5. nebu_187 says:

    im on 4.50 f***

    • Steliosaa says:

      Same for me. Damn “Injustice 2” 😛 Qwertyoruiop has kernel on 5.00 (as well as others) and CT has for 4.55 so dont start crying 🙂

  6. ludakashaka says:

    Would this
    Uncharted limited edition also have <4.05?
    That's the one I seem to find in Europe – it has different box and is 1TB. It says CUH-1216A.

    What about Final Fantasy 15? It was released 29 Nov 16. And 4.06 was released on 17 Nov. Surely they couldn't have managed to update them in less than 2 weeks?

  7. El cagon says:

    I have 100 launch PS4 pro’s in a storage locker I’m about to cake off

  8. Darko says:

    I listened to articles here, got one ps4 on 4.06 a long time ago and now I’m sc***.

    • wololo says:

      You’ll have to wait more than those on 4.05, but potentially less than those on 5.00. We’re making suggestions here based on the information available to us at the time of writing. If you could point me to the article that suggested you’d be fine by buying 4.06 rather than 4.05, I’d love to see it 🙂

      • f4 says:

        I suppose if you don’t read carefully, you might have been led astray two articles ago. It says the webkit exploit was ported to 4.06 and 4.07, but I’m guessing there’s no kernel exploit to go with it?

    • TheOne says:

      The articles here all clearly stated to stay on 4.05 or below, next time read carefully and listen to wololo and you wouldn’t be in the mess you’re in.

      • Darko says:

        If you read comments you wouldn’t post trash. It was reported a long time ago that 4.06 was fine, turns out it osn’t.

        • wololo says:

          Hi Darko. 4.06 was initially reported to be hackable by Fail0verflow, but the error was corrected within 12h of the article’s publication. I doubt anyone jumped the gun and bought a 4.06 in that time interval?

          • Milagro says:

            I did. And I also seem to remember that 4.06 was mentioned as hackable as soon as it arrived even with no hack releases announced.

        • TheOne says:

          If you had a brain you’d know how to read and wouldn’t make yourself look like a fool here. Seeing as you’re ignorant, you deserve that 4.06 PS4. Stay in school kid, no hacks for you until you learn to read.

          • Regie says:

            Go be toxic somewhere else, wololo is a cool place

          • Darko says:

            That’s my fourth ps4, I’ll just.gove it away to your mom

          • LMAOIDIOT says:

            btw, Regie, Darko, Toro, all the same people (notice the time stamps indicating they all posted at the same time), he got that butthurt by your comment destroying him haha, well done.

    • TheZmoron says:

      You stupid idiot *** you are the only one that went to 4.06. Learn to read dummy no one said to go to 4.06 you big cry baby pee pee face.

      • Toro says:

        You are a ***, go sjw yourself o neogaf or smt

        • LMAOIDIOT says:

          Come on Darko, are you that petty that you’re making alternate accounts just to reply to people?

          Keep crying tho, it’s hilarious 😀

          no hacks for idiots like you haha!

    • LMAOIDIOT says:

      hahahah get rekt kid, learn to read next time

    • DarkoMoron says:

      Darko, we all have the right firmware you just don’t know how to read you dope. Did you see anyone else update to 4.06? Nope, just you, hahahahaha

    • Alex19 says:

      No you didn’t idiot, cause the articles never said 4.06 was safe. You’re sc*** cause of your idiocy, not the articles.

  9. P3T3 says:

    Add watchdogs 2 and lego Star Wars packs for slim! Will have 3.55

  10. cboushell says:

    In my experience pawn shops are a great place to check for things like this. They usually have no idea why someone is looking for such an item and have consoles that have been sitting around for a good while.

  11. noman says:

    i have 3 3.10 ps4’s anyone needs one let me know $450.00

  12. noman says:

    The Best place to get from Go to pawn shop they will let Look at the FW before you buy it good luck hunting…

  13. Trapstar30 says:

    I have two ps4 on 1.76 I got one on day one when ps4 came out and then I grab second one (the last of us) bundle so I will wait some more until jailbreak come out I’m hyped.

  14. Bubi says:

    Hi. One question
    Can all current games be played on fw 4.05??

  15. Lol says:

    Buy A PC and stop waiting selfish fake developper.Ps4 scene is lame

  16. Goku says:

    I’m on 4.05 with a pending 4.50 in downloads. Is there hope for me?

  17. kevin says:

    the real question is, is it worth it?

  18. Tenka says:

    Damn…the prices at the stores near my place have already shot up to $700…guess they read wololo

  19. Wanderson Boy Rodrigues says:

    I’v Found A Lot of PS4 on these specs, the question is… Worth Buy a Os4 Pro ? or Ps4 Slim.. I’v Found the 500gb Uncharted 4 Bundle… and 500 gb MW3 Bundle, but for 100$ more the PS4 Pro with 1 TB hd. No one mentioned the PSpro on this topic, SO I’v became a bit confused, PS4 PRO will get jailbreaked ?

  20. Me says:

    Which Fw is on the single PS4 pro, anybody knows?

    • Tristanbr says:

      Same for me, I’m in the way to buy it, But Stuck in the Question, CUH-2014A – Uncharted 4 Slim Bundle 500 Gb, or CUH-7015 1 TB PS4 pro. Any of these, suposed to be on lowerr than 4.05, and I will verify on the fly.

      Can the Mod of this site change my previous post name, to the one in this post ? and delete this line.

  21. omar rana says:

    This release of jailbreak exactly when xbox one x is being released. Is this intentionally by sony to lower sales for xbox?

  22. DarkElementPL says:

    Bought an PS4 CUH-2116A Minecraft Bundle today for 290 euro. Came on firmware 4.55. Already added it to wiki.

  23. Bubi says:

    If you are on fw below 4.05 can you update on 4.05 or is it like if you update you can only update on the latest one?

    • Tristanbr says:

      Don’t Update, It will go to the latest one, if you want the 4.05 FW, Wait Until the Jailbreak is released, I’m Sure They will point to a Secure 4.05 version of the update through a offline way, like a Pen drive, or something like that.

    • dayveeboi says:

      I did an offline update through recovery mode and a downloaded .pup file on USB stick when I was repairing one for somebody not too long ago, so I think its safe to assume it’s still a possibility.

    • LMAOIDIOT says:

      don’t update, you’ll end up like the idiot Darko with an unhackable PS4, you’re on the golden FW 🙂

  24. redirr says:

    MY PS4 PRO out of box it’s 4.07. How lucky I’m right?

  25. giggi says:

    So, from which firmware we can say “i’m fked”?

  26. x316 says:

    if i would buy bnew ps4 with low firmware can i activate it or play games with disc without updating firmware ?

  27. Dr.Snuggels says:

    Dont get hyped !!! Nothing is released yet… No “rebug”-fw, nothing !
    I bet it will take 2 more years until the first backup or c64-emulator will run on the ps4. I think the 5.0 fw will be the one, everyone wants in two years…

  28. Roman says:

    Hi, guys.
    I can get few PS4 Slim CUH-2016B (1TB) from Horizon Zero Dawn bundle with OFW 3.55. If you are interested, contact me in Skype. Nick is the same.

  29. LMAOIDIOT says:

    Well, just unboxed my PS4 Pro out of storage and updated it to 4.05, the wait was soo worth it. Sucks for the kids who weren’t patient and are resorting to crying here 🙂

    • Tristanbr says:

      They Sold the slim I was Looking For, only remais the imported Usa Bundle of the same slim Uncharted, or the pro 1 tb. I’d Think if Worth Buying It, Because something tells me that will be a Pro Slim Version Someday. Damn ! !

  30. Charles Fasano says:

    I recently sold a PS4 Pro and the buyer happily paid what I was asking so I assume he wanted it because it was on 3.70 as that was how I was selling it as I only opened it up to verify the software version. I still have another 3.70 for me to tinker with.

  31. Larzen says:

    Hi everyone. Its very very hard to find ps4 from second hand. Every people who play games online had console with 4.05 and bigger. I yesterday talking with 15 sellers and nothing… i must more probing… it is not possible something like serie numbers on package? In the market having people problem with unpacking and not buying…

  32. Dr.Snuggels says:

    Ordered my new white Ps4 for only 229Euro today… Will store it somewhere and wait some time… 🙂

  33. Dr.Snuggels says:

    Shiny new Ps4 came with 4.07…. 🙁 I keep it and wait…

  34. Val says:

    got a 2.51 in a brand new Destiny Taken King bundle (non-limited edition) for ~300€

  35. simon says:

    funny, I actually bought that Nathan Drake bundle in 2015. Who knew that I might go looking for it again?

  36. Jack says:

    Bought an uncharted 4 Slim bundle as mentioned above, box sealed never used and checked the factrmware version on first power on and it’s 4.70 so I would stay clear of that bundle if I was you, cost a total of 270 shipping Inc….

  37. Shahzeb says:

    Bought a ps4 slim uncharted 4 bundle from amazon but not with the link given here. Was sealed and everything. Came with version 4.0.

    • cbzx says:

      So is anyone actually working on the jailbreak payload or did we all just buy low firmware ps4’s for no reason?

  38. Dementor says:

    Good day, planning to buy a new ps4 slim.
    I would like to ask is the 4.50 & 4.05 firmware is same or not? I want to make it sure before i buy also hopefully the one who will assist me can show first the firmware before ill buy it.

  39. essm1988 says:

    Just for clearly, if I get PS4 with frimware 4.05 then I can hack it and play backup games ? or I should get PS4 with firmware 1.76?

    • essm1988 says:

      or I should get PS4 with firmware 1.76 then hack it then update with custom firmware 4.05?

      sorry for bad english