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Vita Reverse Engineering Leak (Cobra Blackfin) – part 2


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36 Responses

  1. Turbo says:


  2. r0y48o1 says:

    Nice work!

  3. JustAnotherOne says:

    wow, Yifunlu was such a Richard to this guy.

  4. Joe Knight says:

    Yeah, nice to release that code. But sorry man, you might be a smart guy, but you must admid it’s quite naive to trust anyone who ist going to produce and sell a piracy enabling device. Whoever you worked for, these people don’t care for anyone others work. They give people the chance to steal others work (the game developers, sony, etc) and profit themselves from it. Why should someone like that care for the developer who wokrs for him?
    If its just for cracking experience, reverse engineering etc: let it be a hobby! share you findings with a community, be proud to be that smart. But don’t claim someone to pay you for that work. I have no sympathy for your situation!

    • Jon says:

      He stated as such…

      Someone didn’t read thoroughly…

    • Daipop says:

      Maybe he didn’t do it only as a hobby because he needed to be funded. I have sympathy with him for the sole reason of that as an engineer I know that situation, you want to fulfill your dreams, exploit your knowledge and also maybe obtain a profit but your hands are tied due the lack filthy money.

  5. svennd says:

    It sucks to have people make fun of your loss. But you cannot really expect open-source world ‘help you recover/be sympatic’ from a failed close source/grey project.

    I hope you find some legitimate payed uses for the talent you clearly have.

    • Nope says:

      ….The guy wasn’t paid, can you blame him? This is too civil if we’re being honest here.

      • CryMoreMoron says:

        A dumb pirate wasn’t paid? Who cares?

        • yoshi314 says:

          he put a lot of skill and time into it and wasn’t paid for it. try considering that from this perspective.

          • Moron^ says:

            So by your logic if I put a lot of skill and logic into a bank heist and don’t get anything out of it everyone should throw a pity party for me?

            The idiocy is unreal in the comments.

        • CosmicTacoCat says:

          A pirate isn’t the one who builds the ship.

        • Jon says:

          He stated as such…

          Someone didn’t read thoroughly…

          Someone didn’t read? Leech or Pirate, I know what you are. 😉

  6. Byokugen says:


  7. danny fox says:

    Wow..awesome read…gotta love the scene drama..btw great work. Nd first

  8. TLDR says:


  9. Bob says:

    I really appreciate the work, even if it was closed. One step closer to knowing all of the vita, and one step closer to playing my 3.61+ games on the shelf.

  10. lol the bum hurt is strong in this unpaid person 😀

  11. Yattoz says:

    Thanks for all the explanations about the Black Fin, and in particular on how it was made… it really baffles me. You’re a crazy bunch of people ! (I mean it in a good way !)

  12. Nio9345 says:

    I respect Yifan for his contribution to the scene on the PSP and the Vita, but his response was plain stupid. You can’t blame a person for using his skills they he did and stating “Yeah, you got what you deserved for using your skills with X persons for “piracy””. He used his skill to make a living out of it, that’s not wrong neither “unethical” or “immoral” and quite frankly if I had his skills, I would do the same thing, hacking and reverse engineering isn’t a job you get paid for it, at best you get a cease and deceast notice from X company, so the fact he did what he did and just got public with it, it takes *** to do it.

  13. KiddyCorky says:

    I knew the furry was a *** but I didn’t think he’d be this much of a pathetic ***.

    And people still praise him.

  14. NEOSD says:

    if you want to get payed for your work, just contact us at contact@neosdstore.com we always have positions for VHDL coders and we pay everyone

    • Jon says:

      Back in and before 2012?

      A lot of people seem to be missing this date that separates the known cream from the now crop. Just because you can’t or don’t care to know the history of the crop won’t devalue it impartially/

  15. satan says:

    @ the anonymous ‘leaker’, if you’re reading this, it’s unfortunate what happened to you and I sympathize. you do deserve to get paid for your work, irrespective of what that work is, and it’s obvious that you do have talent. It’s unfortunate the blackfin wasn’t a success and that you neither got the money or the fame for the work you did back when everyone else were still trying to get PSP homebrew to run on the Vita. I do wish something does come out of your research, at least to justify your work on it.

  16. Justdeserts says:

    Idiot chose to work for horrible people and wanted to profit of the scene, he got what he deserved.

    • Daipop says:

      In certain way yes, but I am almost certain he already knows that. In the other hand, I think he’s redeeming himself by dissclosing this information, at least what we can do is to show some sympathy. We’re humans and we commit mistakes.

  17. Tenka says:

    An engineer should always be payed for his work…It’s like the guys who make bullets/guns…They know their tech will be used some day,but they still have to survive…It’s the only thing they know how to do

  18. Lol says:

    Too bad all the real devs have said this stuff is useless. So no he didn’t do anything.

  19. Torrentted84 says:

    Where are the files? The link goes to Release1

  20. Black Eagle says:

    Time to buy another. Why not? Set up some sort of game server like Pro C with PSP

  21. ViRGE says:

    This kind of deep dive stuff is the type of content that keeps me coming back week after week. Thank you mystery developer.