Adieu: PS4 Kernel exploit for firmware 4.05 and below, fully detailed by team Fail0verflow


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73 Responses

  1. mm

    this is the type of the news that needs to be posted
    not some dude who kept bragging about new exploit every new fw releases

    • spok

      yup but unfortunately year after the hack was patched – instead of CFW in 2016 now we all will have to hunt for PS4 with 4.05 or lower

      • Logus

        AFAIK PS4 Slim comes with 3.55 out of the box. At least mine did and there are no mentions of another revisions on ps4devwiki.

        • spok

          well 4.06 was realeased in November 2016 so are you 100% sure that all PS4 Slims in stores are not higher than 3.55?

          • hahaha

            all the ps4/slims/pros in store are higher than the golden firmware (4.05)

            go to ebay and begin your search, should have bought a PS4 earlier like wololo told you, now you will suffer the consequences for being so slow

      • Justdeserts

        You should have waited like all the other smart people, this is just like the PS3 with 3.55.

        4.05 is the golden FW.

        • spok

          i did as smartest as possible – stayed on PS3 CFW and did not buy PS4 until proper JB is out which however still is not…

          • Justdeserts

            That’s idiocy at it’s finest, not only have you missed out on a ton of the greatest games ever made, but now you have to pay a massive premium for a 4.05 PS4. Good luck with that!

      • freegames

        and here I am with my 2.02 FW PS4 waiting for this day to come.

  2. Tha_Phat

    Dos it work the same like an iPhone Jailbreak?

  3. Yayitstime

    can we get a article with an overview of the PS4 Pro versions, which version does a retail unit ship with today? Or with past bundles?

  4. Hannibal

    hehehe, got a ps4 pro on 4.05. I love it when a plan comes together.

  5. Charles Fasano

    I have a PS4 Pro on 3.70 waiting in the wings.

  6. cracker

    Yes! 4.06 master class!

    • LightningMods

      it was patched on 4.06 so you cannot use the exploit

      • Alex

        And to be honest, I wouldn’t expect a downgrade method any time soon, plus for now and probably for quite a while, it shouldn’t be too hard to obtain another ps4 on a low enough fw. And there’s a video tutorial on how to block specific Sony update servers so that it is impossible to accidentally update the console over the internet. Although the video was being done on a 1.76 ps4, but I think it should work for any ps4 on any firmware, jailbroken or not.

    • DSpider

      The article says that it was patched by Sony in 4.06.

  7. MFSGameplay

    I can’t wait.. my ps4 is still on firmware 3.55..

  8. PatientOne

    Man, I was just about to give up waiting and update. So happy I waited. Let the games begin. Praise Sony and the hackers.

  9. vincent

    If I go to a store today and buy a PS4 Pro, which firmware it will be on? What are the odds of getting one with <= 4.05?

    • LOLgitRekt

      0%, they all come with higher firmwares, should have bought it earlier and been patient like everyone else. Sucks for you. Can’t wait for the hacking on my 4.05 PS4 😀

  10. edupsenterprise

    Thank god. Kindly stop giving qwerty a platform after this, Unless he releases something. It was annoying me and many others.

  11. alibaba

    See how Fail0verflow release the kernel exploit, he doesn’t want attention, that’s why we trust him.
    Qwerty, I’m sure you read every news and comment about yourself, you WILL lose your reputation if you keep tweeting about your skills.

  12. DSpider

    Holy ***, they delivered? This… this is amazing.

  13. Hwka

    I am on 4.07…. With a ps4 pro…
    I hope not 4.06 will be the 2. golden firmware (after 1.76)

  14. chocalandro

    what about 4.55? :((((((((((((((

  15. Motorradangels

    My c#$k went from a mushroom to a full blown glock 9 this is great news!

  16. junrivu

    Hopefully he will release it!

  17. AshG

    Feels good bought a pro and never opened it. just checked firmware 3.7 🙂

  18. unlockerpt
    well… it will be hard to get consoles with firmware with 1year 🙁

  19. loco lopez

    perfect i have a ps4 with ofw 4.55 and another with 3.5w ofw

  20. Narsink

    2 x ps4 1 fat 1 slim never openned bought first month of release. Time to unpack

  21. Poopman

    Wow, literally 2 weeks after I finally updated from 4.05 to 5.00. Why even delay the release if it was patched so long ago?

    • wololo

      Who knows, it could be for any reason. Maybe they found additional stuff in recent firmwares, updated their own console to 5.00, and thought it was time. Maybe they wanted to publish a while ago but were too lazy to do the writeup. It could be any reason, really.

  22. Tony

    PS4 slim on 3.55!

  23. reymon

    o por deos it´s happening!!!!!!!

  24. marxco

    ps4 3.55 🙂

  25. SeniorPendejo

    I’m gonna make sweet, sweet love to Aurora tonight.

  26. Aurora'sKitty

    Mmmm oh baby

  27. JaysusX