Nintendo Switch: Team Reswitched dumped the Tegra 210 bootrom (and what that means for you)

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  1. a7mag3ddon says:

    Doesn’t mean anything for me! But at least I get to post 87th. yeah!

  2. ,mmm says:

    cool but we are far from anything worth while
    i have a switch on 3.0
    will buy another one for mario next week or so

    • sensualbutterfly says:

      Implying you can find one

    • Jack Attack says:

      Closer than you think, though. As it stands, we’re on pace to crack the system faster than the 3DS and much much faster than the Vita. These early days matter more than most appreciate.

      To be fair, there’s a good chance a few more huge hurdles will present itself and it’s likely that although we’ll technically be able to crack the system it could be a full year before a public release AFTER it is determined to be worth releasing.

      But we’ve found far more doors this early on than dead ends.

  3. NakedFaerie says:

    If they dont release it then its as good as never finding it in the first place.
    Congrats for wasting everyones time with some FAKE news.
    Fake as unreleased is the same as fake.

  4. ZeroSbr says:

    “Some people have stated that the bootrom could also reveal more than bugs, such as for example a backdoor process to get the device into service mode. This is of course only random speculation at the moment.”

    Then what is the point of this article? Just to get clicks for ad revenue? This all boils down to “this isn’t useful info at the moment, we’re just speculating happy thoughts” so how is this news?

    • xD says:

      thank god i use adblock and do not deactivate on

    • pez2k says:

      Dumping the bootrom is a notable, newsworthy step in the process of finding bugs to exploit in the console. It means that people can start investigating and reverse-engineering the low-level boot time code, which was previously unknown with no possibility to exploit it.

      A good example of what can come from bootrom bugs is the current state of the 3DS scene, where you can now insert a special cart into any console, hold some buttons and have a completely unpatchable hack installed. That particular trick is based on the discovery of a recovery mode in the bootloader, and a bug with signature checking that is exploited to gain control over the system much earlier than any other hack, before any patchable software even starts. Both of these weren’t possible to find until the 3DS bootrom was dumped.

      As for the speculative side, the speculation is purely that the Switch might have a service or recovery mode hidden that can now be found, like the PSP and 3DS had and were both successfully exploited. The rest of the article is about the actual newsworthy item, that the bootrom has now been dumped. Even if there is no recovery mode, there’s still the chance of finding bugs to exploit.

  5. BlumCoLe says:

    uhm, *** whiners

  6. a7mag3ddon says:

    Im more bothered about the fact my device is on fw 2.5.x and i pre ordered Mario Odyse which is going to come with the latest firmware bundled 🙁

  7. Ethan Weegee says:

    -still hacks the wii-

    • Hx5_211 says:

      Yes, best emulation station.
      Only surpassed by the wiiU since a few weeks (gamepad inputs usable in nintendont).

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