PS4: Homebrew & backups running on firmware 4.55, technical details coming soon (but there’s a catch)


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18 Responses

  1. ACE says:

    Trying to be the 1st commentor 😀

  2. ZZFX says:

    PS4 scene is full of selfish l0s3rs, sellout f00ls

    • ZZFX says:

      PS4 scene is full of entitled kids who want to pirate games.
      Devs don’t owe you anything.

    • spok says:

      unfortunately – PS3 scene was much friendlier and progressing (even geohot posted on psx-scene:) but PS4 is just full of…scared devs:(

  3. DSpider says:

    The image used for this article is so sick, dude. Great job.

    We can only hope they’ll eventually release it.

  4. Albert C says:

    Bla bla bla bla bla

  5. Dseven says:

    It is sad that Flatz did not clarify the concept of transferring games from one fw to another fw regardless of version.
    Is it from 4.55 to past fws or whatever fw that has a kexploit? Which means limitless possibilities, games for lowers fws including 1.76.
    That said, when will the new way of playing games as backups see the light of day for us 1.76ers?
    Hearing this may have stopped devs from decrypting games for 1.76 since his way is much faster and easier.

    • cracker says:

      Either the games that require higher firmware would need to be patched to use older system modules or there would need to be a virtual environment that would load modules from higher firmware versions based on what the game requires. In order for this to happen, the higher firmware would have to be decrypted so the modules could run. In short — a kernel exploit being released for 3.xx-4.xx is more plausible.

  6. Vitagaming says:

    Great news for backups are concerned! I also read on other site that this can be ported to other firmware versions. Should I keep my PS4 on fw 4.50?

    • MojoKojo says:

      For now stay on 4.50 till you hear a release is coming on anything above 4.55 they’ve got a 5.00 kexploit in the works, but expect them to release the 4.5x kexploit, and sit on that 5.00 kexploit till the day they die, or till sony patches it, whichever comes first

  7. laurorual says:

    I don’t understand what happened to the scenes… It used to be so great and full of hope, but now hackers just keep the exploits to themselves… What’s the point of that? I simple do not understand

  8. Hami says:

    does it work on 4.00 also??

  9. MojoKojo says:

    I really hope someone reveals that kexploit soon with this type of information being released, I’m pretty damn sure the one who does will be immortalized forever… Just like The_Flow for his work on the Vita with anything ePSP related recently being Adrenaline, and Vitamin (The First Real Game Backup DumpTool)

  10. Valdemar Pelsh says:

    Those “hackers” who have the exploits and aren’t willing to share them with the public are pathetic losers and should crawl back in their basements. They are worthless lovvlifes the world doesn’t need.

  11. lollypop says:

    will this include a way to run Linux ?

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