Zelda3T/ Zelda: Time To Triumph port for the PSVita/PSTV released!


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  1. ROD says:

    That’s really cool for hacked Vita users!
    Now, can we have Mini DayZ (the web version) ported to PS Vita?

  2. The Last says:


  3. Hipsterr says:

    Hopefully I’m first probably not

  4. Dragng8 says:

    Zelda killed “his” alter ego? Zelda is a girl. She killed no one.

  5. svennd says:

    Nice, not really a Zelda fan, but the more games the better!

  6. don key says:

    hope there are QR codes for both. easy peasy then.

  7. GoMovies says:

    Great news for fans of Zelda!

  8. 123movies says:

    This is so great and I absolutely appreciate you sharing your experience.

  9. Sikey says:

    Too many bugs

  10. Vivek Jazz says:

    Thank’s a lot for shared this post.