Time Setting script lets you launch the NES golf game on your Nintendo Switch

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  1. FreePlay says:

    Can’t you just… change the clock yourself?

    • Andrew says:

      No. Once the system connects to the internet, it syncs with the internet RTC and remains that way. Manual won’t fix it. Creating an Internet RTC spoofer is the only way with those systems

  2. fluk3 says:

    Would be amazing if they had managed to dump a copy of the 2.0.0 update file or any below 3.0.1
    so you could update the same way through your pc without wasting money one a game cart that
    will never be used. I’m currently on 1.0.0 and hoping for a way to manually update

    • Xenon Hacks says:

      Guy just buy Pokken Tournament DX from walmart, update to 3.0.0 and return the game the same day.

      • fluk3 says:

        I don’t have walmart where I live ),: Could buy it and have it under my bed without
        unpackaging it and return it within a month if there is something that pops up.
        I feel like it could be best to keep it on the earliest version to keep all possibilities.
        Just gonna have to use my second one until there is any breakthrough. Also were
        updating to a specific firmware possible on the wii u, 3ds or ds?

        • SeanP2500 says:

          uh dude you bugging buy pokken tournament because they are known to change cartridge updates buy asap otherwise you might end up stuck on 1.0 don’t necessarily have to update just have handy. Read Daeken posts on gbatemp he has made it clear you need 3.0….

      • Mang says:

        How do you return an opened game to walmart? They only replace it with the same game, and no refund.

  3. Mr.Guy says:

    Exchange game because of “defect” return next day with either A. No l receipt. B. Or with receipt and say you don’t want it.

    Both work fine usually employees don’t care.

    Exchange doesn’t mean it was open, no way to notate receipt.

    Your welcome 🙂

  4. azoreseuropa says:

    Nice finding but not interested. I will pass.