Piracy has publicly begun on PS4 1.76, no hack in sight for recent firmwares


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    • Dondigigidon says:

      Real impact would be if they manage to get it running on PC. (which shouldn’t be that difficult)

  1. zsak says:

    brillant frist

  2. azoreseuropa says:

    I am on 2.57. I am still waiting.

    • spok says:

      i am on PS3 CFW 4.81 enjoying MKVs in Showtime/Multiman with FIFA 18 backup online – wake me up when it is also possible on PS4:)

  3. name says:

    I have an 1.67 ps4, but unfortunately i don’t hace time to test any pirate ps4 game 🙁

    • Alex says:

      Same here. But this is exactly why I bought my 176 PS4 years ago because I knew this would come some day. Although if they sell for a high price, I might sell it, but it would have to be a very high price for me to even consider it.

  4. Tenka says:

    I am on 6.12 patiently waiting

  5. Jack says:

    I am on 2.51, eagerly waiting too (and meanwhile I’m playing Murdered keeping my ps4 offline)

  6. sj33 says:

    The platform owners have won the war. They don’t need to make piracy impossible, just make it so niche that it no longer matters.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Sad but true. 7th gen was the last gen that offered worthwhile hacks to a wide range of users. Hackers seem to be either busy or not motivated enough. I refuse to believe that Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft just happen to have more skilled hackers working on security. I’m guessing hackers don’t see as much benefit as they did last gen since there are other devices to hack, and you can flawlessly emulate most popular games from older consoles on PC.

      • hmm says:

        Sony have skilled engineers, they are getting better with each generation….which sucks

        • ZeroSbr says:

          Yeah, but I’m sure there are more hackers out in the wild that Sony has, and I’m sure some of them are just as skilled if not more skilled than the ones Sony has. It really comes down to a lack of interest or time. People are busy hacking smartphones and tablets, and a handful of people actually care about having physical buttons with which to play games.

    • Ukl says:

      Yeah who care hacking PS4 just to run games now ? Buy a PS4 Fat 500GB at 400$ to not use it for years and years when you can now buy a PS4 Slim 1TB with 2 controllers for 250$ ? Games are also super cheap: 30$ after 2-3 months, 20$ or less after a year even for Uncharted / AAA titles. 150$ difference that’s a lot of games to buy these days.

      Editors will also add more and more content that need you to be connected: remembered that Bravely Default where you add to rebuild a town and to do so it was impossible offline..

      One day we will also have a “netflix” for games. Hacking just for gaming will just slowly die.

      The only interesting part for me about hacking since 3DS is just to have a digital backup of my physical card/blu-ray. You also have interesting features such as “Region Free” but that’s all…

      Hacking for gaming is dead on consoles.

      • n00b says:

        Netflix for games has existed since 1720 on the World War Zero before Jesus Christ was born……..
        There were a couple things on the PC side and now PSNow has been out like for two years or so…

  7. JChang says:

    I am on 3.55. Damm I Cant wait. lol

  8. Huehuehuehuehue says:

    They already won the war when there is no need to pirate games on the PS4 when 99% of the library can run on a PC graphics card which costs less and runs the game faster.

    And then they will blame the next video game console crash on piracy.

    • Fimo says:

      Sony won that battle for that PS4 generation, but they will loose the next battle because many customers (as I) have moved to the PC platform. Now I have a dedicated gaming PC in my living rooms (=hacked PS5) and all my old consoles (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) are in a box.

      PS: Even if a public kexploit on FW > 1.76 is released, we wont be able to play FW > 1.76 games because of the new SAMU encryption.

      • sangoku_d says:

        pc is abysmal. you’ll get sick of it too. then spend your gaming time damage controlling after realising you wasted your money

        • hmm says:

          Only Console gamed for the last 25 years, never on PC, but after this generation I am considering it too, heck even the cheap 1050ti puts up a considerable fight against the PS4.

        • ping says:

          You sound like someone describing themselves

        • n00b says:

          Abysmal? What a bonobo.
          A 1080ti and you’re set. All the AAA games come to PC too. In fact I sold all my PS4 games and left the exclusives only… guess what… collection went from like 50 games to 6. As for the rest I’m playing either 4k@60FPS or 1440p@144hz. “Abysmal” he says. L.M.A.O.

    • intramorph says:

      smartest answer ever

    • JustAnotherOne says:

      oh really? then give me a build right now that costs less than the ps4 pro and can run games looking like it does on ps4 pro. oh and the build have better include the OS in the price as well. the ps4 pro comes ready to play. if your build don’t even have an OS, how the *** you gonna game better than on ps4 pro?

      • n00b says:

        Even a 1060 can beat a PS4 Pro. Not everybody lives on welfare like you do. It’s not about “same price”. I have a 1080ti which is probably your entire life savings.
        Also OS? You’re in a hacking website, waiting for a hack to PS4 so you can pirate games, and talk about a “legal” version of Winblows? L.M.A.O.

  9. Albert C says:


  10. sangoku_d says:

    hopefully ps5 will be out next xmas. don’t wanna be on the same platform as pirates

  11. blahblah says:

    It’s about time people move on from these “consoles”=low end pc’s. And build a gaming pc it cost’s less you don’t have to pay to play online, and YOU can customize it as YOU want.

    • nebu_187 says:

      its still a totally different experience than with a CFW console.
      I can play he exact game on a handheld and have a whole other experience also.
      for older games for instance like GTA3 i prefer to play with a gamepad so i prefer to play it on my ps2 wich is natively made for that.
      no need to fiddle with xpadder on the pc.
      Then again fo a FPS i prefer PC.
      For an RPG i prefer a handheld and so on…

      • Fimo says:

        About “gaming PC” configuration, most people are thinking about a “master race PC” plugged to a monitor & without joypad.

        But there is another way, you can use a “gaming PC” as a console:
        – you can plug it to your large TV in your living room,
        – wireless keyboard & mouse,
        – wireless DS4 joypads (bluetooth) work perfectly with or without DS4Windows to play in your sofa,
        – if your TV is not 4k, you dont need to purchase a “master race PC”: a 600-700 USD PC will play all games in ultra settings at more than 60FPS. And if you have a 4k TV, I can barely see a difference between a 1k ultrasetting (upscaled to 4k by the TV) game VS a real 4k game. 4k is a marketing argument from Sony & Microsoft: ultraseting + 60FPS is much more important !
        – if you are a casual gamer, that kind of PC (with SSD) boots to W10 in less than 15 seconds and can launch a game in 10 seconds, that must be at least 10x faster than the last “new gens consoles”
        – Once you’ll have that configuration, you’ll never play again on your PS4 or XONE !
        – … and wellcome to warez, free online, mods, trainers, save editors, cheaper steam games, emulators (MAME, CEMU, DOLPHIN, CITRA), your TV is now a “smart TV”, etc…

    • JustAnotherOne says:

      oh really? then give me a build right now that costs less than the ps4 pro and can run games looking like it does on ps4 pro. oh and the build have better include the OS in the price as well. the ps4 pro comes ready to play out of the box. if your build don’t even have an OS, how you gonna game better than on ps4 pro? the ps4 pro costs $400. right now, windows 10 costs roughly $100. that leaves you with $300 left for the rest of your build (motherboard, cpu, gpu, psu, ram, and storage). good luck.

      • Spectrum says:

        Go on pcpartpicker and scroll through the builds.

        • JustAnotherOne says:

          i’m not asking him for a build. i’m challenging him to give me a $400 build that will run games as good and looking as good as on the $400 ps4 pro to prove what he said. these pc snobs always does this. “pc is better.” “pc is cheaper and can play games better.” that’s a load of BS if you’re just gonna build a potato pc that costs less than a console. the potato pc will play games with settings lower than what you get on consoles while the performance will be roughly the same or in some cases even worse than on consoles.

          • n00b says:

            No those are just the newbies. I AM an elitist and snob. I have a 1080ti, a 144hz monitor, a 4k TV, a XBOX Elite controller, a HOTAS controller, an Arcade controller. My CPU was top of the cream a couple years back, now OCd to max potential. 32GB RAM because I also do rendering. Medium case. Runs smooth as silk and silent. SSD. 12 TB storage. Think Im set. Did it cost more than a PS4 Pro? Yeah it did. Several times. Is it better? “Only” like 20 times.
            Don’t know why the argument is always the “same price PC build” thing. PC is just superior period. PS4 I would take it out the closet to play Horizon one day maybe but Im too lazy to.

  12. Ant says:

    1.76 running games flawlessly

  13. Tony says:

    3?! What the *** is wrong with these people?

  14. rit says:

    It’s happening!!!

  15. Cubstick says:

    can you play cracked pc games online? never played on pc ever

    • Fimo says:

      Yes sometime you can, but SteamEmu = less players.
      … but if you really like a game & play a lot, buy it:
      – 10 or 100x more players online
      – to support the devs
      – steam games are cheaper than the ps4 or xone versions
      – online is free
      – easy to resell later (on steam)

      PS: Now I always test the cracked 0 days version of the games, and if I really love that game then I buy the legit game.

  16. Tenka says:

    As the old saying goes, he who smelled it…dealt it
    Console is also pc master race

  17. Bata Ilic says:

    Well, hackers holding back recent kernel exploits are scum and the reason why all the bad things are happening in our world right now. It’s sharing among people that will save the humanity, not holding *** back out of your greed / selfishness.

    • n00b says:

      How about you being selfish and greedy instead of giving the devs money for the games they developed. GOTEM.

  18. Ple2man says:

    So fw 4.50 is can be hackable?

  19. Senior Pendejo says:

    I farted.

  20. Tony says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the logic, “We won’t release a kernel exploit unless there’s a backup.”? Come to find out there’s not 1, but 3! Not cool at all, folks.

  21. Lord Fart says:

    PS4 Games are so cheap, get the Sony Ps4 Games only, buy them, play them, have Fun…