You can now customize your (hacked) PS Vita’s fonts, but is it worth the risk?


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14 Responses

  1. Cimmerian says:

    SKGleba work on load custom font from ux0 so it wont brick, and you can reinstall firmwar because sa0 and os0 isn’t modified

  2. Frank says:

    It’s cool yes but I won’t risk it. I like the current fonts.

  3. Localhorst86 says:

    Who wouldn’t want comic sans on their Vita?

  4. Q13E5 says:

    Useful place for fonts is here. just make sure the font isn’t too big.

  5. SilicaAndPina says:

    i almost bricked trying to do this i could still boot to shell but vitashell and molecularshell did not work litterally anything that used graphics.h did not work luckily i was able to install FTPVita1.0 from my pstv and restore the partition.

  6. BADDINOROX99 says:

    yeah not worth it at the moment

  7. Albryx says:

    Actually this font mod crashes most of the games.(Tryed TboI and it gives 128-28 error, even SAO-HF gives it, after removing the font, all the games launches fine).

  8. Jamx says:

    Guess I just wait for a safe APK app that allows to change/swap the system fonts easily, if possible though.

  9. DrRetro says:

    Sound good, but i will wait for a safe App.