What we know about Switch Dev units so far

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  1. dameros says:

    Even if it’s not necessarily useful information, I think it’s pretty interesting to know a bit more about how the console works. I know I’d love to dig in there.

  2. Tenka says:

    I liked the old Nintendo products, but they have become too gimmicky
    Iprefer to buy gaming systems to actually play games….Sure gimmicks are fun at first,but you soon get bored of it and start to want actual gameplay….

  3. Luis Serrano says:

    I think that the Switchs’ Custom Firmware scene is gonna blow up like in the PS3 CFW days….that’s just me tho…. 😉

  4. djluiluv says:

    I feel like the Switchs’ Custom Firmware scene is gonna blow up like in the PS3’s CFW days but thats just me…. 😉

  5. Hold the door says:

    Does an dev unit of the PS4 exist in the wild? Could be useful for breaking the PS4.

  6. Micha says:

    Sorry but every human can see the id (from dev) in this picture…

  7. It don't matter says:

    The SDK also has a method of flashing Game Cards via a Switch USB connection to run the Dev menu when the Switch is set to PROD mode. PROD mode looks just like the regular Switch home menu and when the Game Card is inserted it will show up just like a regular cart but it says Dev Mode or something similar on the icon and booting it will allow you to access a Dev menu like the one in the photos. Although the game card method doesn’t allow all debug features to work correctly if the console is not flashed to Dev Mode.

    Installing builds is possible via SD card when in Dev mode.

    On the Dev kit if you take off the right joycon and hold R (I believe, may be another button) + power button you can set the switch to a “safe mode” which allows you to flash it using the SDK.