Debug app “TestApplicationLauncher” spotted on a retail Switch console


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11 Responses

  1. dameros says:

    damn 🙁

  2. lol says:

    He returned it?? hahah (insert facepalm here)

  3. lonewolfryuu says:

    Man that was an opportunity missed bigtime

  4. anon-san says:

    he returned a console that was probably worth at least millions to Nintendo (if it led to hacks) instead of at least attempting to sell it to ‘interested parties’, great thinking, ***

    • Jack Attack says:

      It’s not worth much more to Nintendo than a letter from the lawyers they have on retainer…

      and no, “But it’s my property!!!11!!!!” line doesn’t work in court or against someone who can simply bury you in legal fees.

      • Shesayswhat says:

        lol, who the heck cares? just sell anonymously to a trusted hacker and all good.
        If I had it, I would get in touch with wololo and ask him to hook me up with a trustworthy hacker.

      • Andrew says:

        Actually, a recent case in the US Supreme Court would have protected the user. Look up Lexmark Inc v Impression Inc.

  5. Bob says:

    Makes me want to check my sealed switch now. What a missed opportunity.

  6. Ghost says:

    A few years back I saw a retail Wii U with a dev sort of software on the game-pad thing. I was about to purchase it from the guy when it belonged to someone else, he was going to unpack another Wii U and swap them out until the lady walked by and asked what is wrong.

  7. TheTechDoc says:

    The guy could have sold it for more than what he bought it for, used the money to buy another normal switch and help out the modding community immensely, stupid move, he could have made money and got himself a switch.

    Im sure at some point we will figure out how to get to this debug menu, but this could have opened a lot of doors