Now your PSTV can cosplay as a Super NES if it feels like it


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16 Responses

  1. NCDyson says:

    If I had a psTV I’d probably want one of these.

  2. Christian says:

    where to find a pstv for cheap in these days? I bought one at gamestop for 20$ some months ago, I would like to buy another one but I can’t find anything for that price

    • tech3475 says:

      Could try either keeping an eye out for an independent place, ebay at unsociable hours or accept that you’ll have to pay more if you want another one.

  3. Rclr says:

    I’m trying to make a diy arcade cabinet for the pstv. . I just need to find a working compatible arcade stick

    • Psvitabackfromrip says:

      I am trying to do the same thing! I have an old arcade cabinet that I plan on putting a ps tv, paint job, and some new fresh decals. Do we have any other option beisde using a ps4 wireless controller? I would love a arcade stick!

  4. TheTechDoc says:

    just sold my ps tv, cool little system for some of the vita library (mainly ports like oddworld and ninja gaiden) but really I can just play them in better quality on any other platform I own and imo the work arounds for the lack of touch and motion are half *** at best, still, made $150 on a unit I got for $50, not bad return

  5. Megumihanhanx2 says:

    Aww Jesus this is getting ridiculous now custom made exterior deym What we need is a new Emulator Games dude games

  6. Misplaced member says:

    I would consider a PS one case.

  7. Psvitabackfromrip says:

    We are getting so close. The ps tv now has enso direct boot, expandable memory, and a decent set of emulators. We just need a usb arcade stick support!

  8. Hey! Thats me lol i Am working on functional models with buttons and stuff, i’ll release the prints when i’m done testing them myself

  9. Ferky says:

    In the picture i can see ps1 chase

  10. 41gamerr says:

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