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release: Unlock parental control tool for Nintendo Switch (mkey generator)


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10 Responses

  1. hmm says:

    First! (probably not and the comments have just not updated yet -_-)

  2. Malleg says:

    my opinion on this is that filters are there just to make sure that kids earn the “content” they want, if they are smart enough to find the tools they are smart enough to handle the contents.

  3. massivenoob says:

    Just what I needed!
    (1) I’m an adult
    (2) I turned the parental controls on myself.
    (3) I somehow never wrote the password down, and have now forgotten it.
    (4) I can’t contact Nintendo, for some reason.

    Just kidding.
    When would all 4 of those be true?

  4. leerz says:

    I still owe you that beer daz

  5. Sean Robison says:

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  6. Emediong says:

    your information helped me so much thank you very much you are my hero

  7. Takiyah says:

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