CSPSP 1.92+ updated to R8 (Adrenaline supported for online play) and Camera Patch Lite updated


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6 Responses

  1. Airman says:

    Be first or last doesn’t matter

  2. Kisaten says:

    What Titleid would I use for CSPSP in the Camera Patch ini? (and how would I find the titleids for other homebrew?)

  3. NanospeedGamer says:

    Hola! Dice “Wiffi OFFLINE” no funciona ONLINe en PSvita

  4. Stranno says:

    Great work Freakler.

    This new custom patches system comes quite handy.

  5. MasterMen says:

    ***, i found C4, Mine, RPG Launcher and Molotov Coctail in gfx folder
    rev9 is real???

  6. MasterMen says:

    Where i can get Source Code of CSPSP 1.92??
    with all libs and fully compiling on the Visual C++