Adrenaline Easy Installer Black Edition released (and some other releases) for the PSVita


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  1. Anonymous says:

    he blac

  2. Dmaskell92 says:

    Ermahgerd! Thanks, I figured that if you don’t have a SD2Vita you can just ignore that extra feature. I forgot to do anything with the changelog, dumb mistake.

  3. KRIZALID_AKOF says:


  4. Tarek says:

    Hi do you think there will be an update for the vitashell to open SD2vita USB connect

  5. Hacchinya says:

    Can I install the theme without replacing my adrenaline installation?

  6. Josefu says:

    mine still violet after uninstalling from old adrenaline then reinstall using this :S

  7. gunblade says:

    cool thks.

  8. Gordon says:

    ftpzilla works fine on my NAS, navigating seems a bit slow.
    it shows the transfersize in bytes and the actual transfered bytes also in bytes. displaying the speed doesnt work. the program doesnt tell you where it saves the downloaded file. speed up to 20mbit/s, average 15mbit/s on my network

  9. G says:

    Pen drive? Brazilians are easy to spot. What state are you from?

  10. simon says:

    Does anyone know this: I’m on 3.60 and want to get the latest humble bundle. Is it possible to install those vita games without upgrading firmware?

    • Jack Attack says:

      Only if spoofing still works for you to access PSN. Otherwise, just buy it and install it the harder way. You’re still supporting them.

  11. Lollypop says:

    Can i install an official psp game via vpk?
    Is ther a livebubble to lig of vpk eboot app?

  12. nightmare4u says:

    i ca not register on site.
    pls help?

  13. SpaceBoy says:

    Adrenaline ps vita 3.65

  14. regulartard says:

    The file for the easy installer is a .zip, what am I supposed to do with this

  15. Sounds great! different theme and modded version