PSV VSH Menu – Initial Release [taiHEN]


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Gr8n00d1e says:


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  3. np3228 says:

    Button combo to bring up the plugin: (L + R + Start)

  4. TheTechDoc says:

    Will this work with non dumped games? And work on the main menu ? Or is it still limited to dumped games only?

  5. Michael says:

    Hey, I’ve got adrenaline installed, but some PSP games, like Outrun 2006, they said should run better with the CPU at 333Mhz, do you know if in Adrenaline one can change that setting? or we need something like this instead?

    • TheTechDoc says:

      click select on the XMB (main menu) in Adrenaline, then overclock

      • Michael says:

        ah, thank you mate.

        But do you know what is the difference then between Adrenaline and this?

        • Joel16 says:

          The VSH menu in adrenaline focuses on the PSP side of things, whereas this one focuses on the the VITA’s native side.

  6. bahaa says:


  7. Michael says:

    I installed it and copy the suprx file and modified the config.txt but when I click select on Adrenaline, I still see the Adrenaline VHS menu. Do I need to do anything else for this to be triggered?

    • np3228 says:


      • ralph says:

        i got it to work, but not using the *all string but instead per game string id
        which is ok, my question is does this work on the game card? i’m not sure how to look for the gameid on a card.

  8. VIPlaine1 says:

    Is there a speed hack for vita? Not overclock, a speed hack

  9. ralph alvin m manuel says:

    i hope i’m doing this right.

    i’m currently running enso 3.60 recovery app works fine but PSV VSH menu i can’t trigger it to launch

    i added vsh.sprx in the the UX0:/tai folder as instructed and added this string

    #PSV VSH Menu – Initial Release [taiHEN]

    then rebooted, and to launch it on the homescreen and on games just hit select or is there any buttons that a need to click???

  10. fluk3 says:

    Are you Goinge to make an article about the cex to Rex converter unlocking the debug settings?

    • Joel16 says:

      No I definitely will not.

    • ishygdaft says:

      vs0 modifcations, like os0 mods, are risky… I’m using the cex-rex converter and everything works a treat but these settings, the install process… it’s risky, it’s largely untested compared to what enso went through. What gets put in is really amazing but the average end user doesn’t need to brick for, what they might consider, “useless settings”.

      I personally LOVE everything that’s been brought in, don’t get me wrong. I just half expect to brick.

      • ishygdaft says:

        It’s been proven that vs0 can be 100% nuked and you can still use the recovery menu to “update” and come back. Aside from S&P’s bad rep and questionable past… sad thing is the work was done by voxel but… I hope wololo (the site) reports on this when enough other sites give the green light.

  11. Ozkr says:

    Don’t work in Superbeat Xonic

  12. TehCupcakes says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but not everyone is a hacker or has been following that hacking scene for a long time… What the heck does VSH stand for? Acronyms should always be explained in blog posts if they aren’t extremely obvious or commonly used by more mainstream audiences.

    • sunghanong says:

      VHS means Visual Shell and also for you to learn XMB stands for Cross Media Bar .

  13. Muu says:

    Ppl still into this vita hack ***?