Release: HENkaku Ensō Custom Firmware for the PS Vita!

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  1. ash

    Anyboby get a error code c1-9649-8?
    how to fix this

  2. itsbasix

    just a question: is there a ban risk for using henkaku + pen spoofing? i share my account with both vita and ps4 and I don’t want to lose all the PS+ games and so on.

  3. ygtcan

    it’s actually little funy that we’ve been waiting 60kbs of vpk file for 5 years 🙂

  4. mandi

    and 3.65? 🙁 where?

  5. PSTV-****-sporter

    3rd attempt at saying thanks. (censored my name:(

    Thank you everyone involved.

  6. David

    My PSVita is activated. However, I was not able to use Adrenaline when I updated to Enso. The screen turned black and an error message appeared. Therefore, I deleted Adrenaline, and tried to install again, but now I am getting an error message everytime I use it as if my PSVita was not activated. That’s not the case. Is there any workaround for this? The rest is working fine. Thanks a lot!

  7. Natalie

    Can I format my system with this installed? I’ve got a corrupt USB and I’d like to start fresh, but still keep the hack

    • Djdragon44

      Yes you can! I had to because I was actually a part of the Enso Beta!

      Just go into Settings, Format SD, let it format and reboot. After, install Henkaku with the website, open up MolecularShell, enable “Unsafe Homebrew”, then install Enso. Let it complete, and if everything went as planned, it’ll be good from there!

      If anything, you can also “Reset” the Vita with the Safe Menu, however, I would avoid that unless something is quite broken.

      Let me know if you need anything else!

  8. Adrien


    Working flawlessly, it’s a delight.
    You guys can be proud of what you’ve accomplished with this little piece of hardware.

    Thank you so much !

  9. Charles Fasano

    I like that it makes sure there are no weird modifications to your system firmware and if there are it will ask you if you want to download 3.60 and reinstall it. I had to do that.

  10. Bakaneko

    😀 next step is playing newest games on Vita (games require firmware higher than 3.60)

  11. yoshi314

    I can’t wait to see how exactly they achieved this. Source code to enso should be arriving fairly soon.

  12. Jonas B.

    lol what a piece of ***! Only works on v.3.60…cant play new games. These guys spend months, even years at a time for a new update and this is the best they can came up with!? what a f** Joke, losers.

  13. cynder2011

    Literally just installed onto my vita..and it works like a charm 😀 Great job to Team Molecule 😀

    • nadeem

      what does HENkaku do exactly?

      • ishygdaft

        Full system control and everything that comes with that… as long as someone has made a way to fiddle with your desired setting.

        • nadeem

          i know that it unlocks the system but what could you do with the unlocked system?

          • ishygdaft

            Edit saves, add plugins for more functionality like a battery percentage, overclocking, turning off the vita’s blue LED (thing is kinda annoying) a cheat plugin, the list goes on. Then we have homebrew, emulation, native psp and ps1 emulation (works about the same as the real thing, timing and all). If you’re a naughty person you can also look into warez.

            Regardless of what people say though I respect the site enough to not talk on warez though so you’ll have to google around.

          • ZeroFX

            Dont listen to the “hurr durr piracy” bs that frustrated people says… The only thing that matter is you having fun playing your vita, pc game or whatever. You can basically play ps1, psp, psvita games, homebrews, emulate a huge amount of old games and etc. The guy that “dont talk about warez cuz my mother told me not to” must have a system full of “warez”, and be poor enough to be that frustrated.

  14. NeonAera

    Good awesomeness, you guys are brilliant!! Thanks for all your hard work. Finally, no more need to install every time!!

  15. minecraft

    you can get freeware now ,after click the link,get free now

  16. Smoker1

    Anyone know if the SD2Vita Card will still work with this?????
    Also, found some Sellers of the SD2Vita Cards on Amazon, but not sure if they are Legit or not.

  17. WiLL

    I installed Enso in my vita and installed Adrenaline, but the error is appearing (c0-9254-0), could anyone help me solve it?

  18. ZeroSbr

    Unfortunately, spoofing no longer works. Sucks too, because there are a few games I’d like to redownload that were deleted when I rebuilt my database.

  19. you can get freeware now ,after click the link,get free now

  20. Darko

    Hope someone can help…
    after installing ENSO on my PSTV I erroneously pushed unlink memory card in settings…
    now I lost all launch botton (bubbles) on the main screen.
    Games are still in my USB drive but with no bubbles I cannot run them anymore. Is there a way to fix this? or do I have to reinstall them all.
    Thank You in Advance