Srident’s SD2Vita adapters available for order on eBay in batches – New batches daily


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  1. nonijod says:

    Shame that psvsd most likely won’t be produced anymore due to its limited usability, wanted to use it for ux0: while having sd2vita for uma0:. Still better than what we had till now (nothing) I suppose.

    • Jack Attack says:

      The schematics are available so it would be produced just the same as this if you wanted. It’s all off the shelf components and it’s even less complex now that he removed the power circuit.

      There’s also a USB version of that board (no sd conversion chip) that’s even more simple. Thanks to places like OSHPark it’s super cheap to take matters into your own hand and soldering is simple and perfect intro for newbies.

      It’s $5.30 for 3 sd2vita boards there and gets as cheap as $10.70 for 10 (but you lose the option for copper and thinner pcb). MicroSD connectors are basically 10 cents each.

      So, yeah, what a time to be alive in accessible storage. It’s the polar opposite of the wretched vita card scam. Glorious.

      • klank says:

        I am still waiting on the psvsd because it replaces the useless 3G card on my oled Vita..

        the only possible downside for the sd2vita is that it takes up the game card space if you want to backup a game cart onto the sd that uses it as ux0. but extra storage options are always a good thing. that’s why iphone kinda sux because no micro sd!

  2. SonyUSA says:

    @nonijod There is a version to mount SD to UMA0: just use that.

    Also, wow this guy can’t solder AT ALL.

  3. Ysle says:

    There also are some folks selling them at AliExpress.

  4. Ukl says:

    Why keep posting ads. about unknown people selling sd2vita ? Wait big Chinese firm to produce it and wait for better versions of this adapter.

    • Aurora says:

      These articles are simply meant to support the people who are supporting the community.

      • Ukl says:

        Let people do whatever they want on reddit but don’t advertise it on if “either I nor Wololo can guarantee anything”

      • Cheesethief says:

        Support who exactly? The people you write about are unconfirmed to be legit. Seems like it would be safer or at least just as safe to order from Aliexpress from a Chinese vendor.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      What is the difference? The Chinese probably won’t produce these because it’s niche. Nobody past 3.60 has any use for these.

      I’m buying one tomorrow from somebody.

    • BujoO says:

      oh aurora, you should’ve savaged more this ungrateful *** who is just waiting and doing nothing for the vita community.

  5. michael says:

    Are there any SD2Vita with casing? also, what’s the difference between running it as UX0 and UMA0?

    I understand UX0 is basically the root…but are there any advantages one over the other? Since I assume this is treated as a game cart, multiple games and apps can be installed on it and work seprately?

  6. Smoker1 says:

    Anyone know what is the largest Size MicroSD that can be used? Hoping a 256GB will work perfectly with it.
    Also, looking at Ebay from the US, I get 3 Matches to the SD2Vita Adapter, but 1 is White coming from the UK, and 2 are Blue coming from Germany. Fakes or real?????

  7. BenoitRen says:

    “When you order the adapter, you will not get a case so you’ll only get a bare PCB. Cases for the adapter that you can insert in your Vita may pop up later”

    Wait, what does this mean? We can’t insert it until we have a case and have to use different means?

  8. Shikhar says:

    What about this one? Anyone tested it out? These look perfect, no tension of damaging insides of the citcuit boards.

  9. _techdude says:

    It’s actually sad to see people on eBay buying 10 of the boards and re-sell them for a 3 times higher price then regular. Even if you are curious af about SD2VITA, please do the community a favour and do not buy those…

  10. mecksg1 says:

    i tried to order these and it says cant deliver to the USA. what the heck

  11. Adrian Fernández says:

    Just to be aware of this, are the Aliexpress Alibaba SD2Vita legit ? I want to support this guys, but buying this from them is almost a race against ebay bots and resellers. Im talking about the Heroangel ones, if someone could tell me something would be great 🙂

  12. Outland8770 says:

    I wonder if one could solder a micro SD slot internally with the corresponding pinout of this adapter and just install the driver’s to make it work? Any thoughts?

    • Bernouilli says:

      Yes, it should work. But you won’t be able to use a game card at the same time.
      And I guess it’s more complicated than just buying an adapter

  13. Mexico says:

    Someone can write about the sd2vita adapter “HeroAngel”.

    I am waiting for my adapter.

  14. Carlos says:

    Adrenaline doesn’t like the redirect. Can’t get it working with one of these adapters.

  15. davca says:

    Hi, i did put a few up on ebay, srident is cheaper but well..

  16. angrysaltydude says:

    *** as soon as i sell my psvita because I didn’t think anything like this would be possible. NOW IT IS

  17. ukirez says:

    More available… gogoo

  18. Greigabeast says:

    Should i get one now or wait ?

  19. nCadeRegal says:

    Does anyone have a front and back shot of any of these adapters? I have quite a few dupes of some vita games and am going to make my own out of one. It appears certain legs dont connect at all from the few pics i have seen, and also from looking closely at the pcb. Links?

  20. mickyenmousse says:

    cool i have preordred from this french store :
    it is the same version ?

  21. Abdul says:

    Henkaku enso must have a force memory card format option cause i have a psvita 32 card that detects but unable to format from psvita recovery menu