Setting up your SD2Vita adapter – Formatting your microSD can be done on Windows


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  1. 909090 says:

    please help me! I did the same, wrote zzBlank image to my 64gb SD card and now its size is just 1mb! ridiculous! what should i do with it now?

  2. Lukas says:

    Ihave problem on SD as Ux0:I have freeze on Taihen isstarting. It is something to recover previous option with Vita card on UX:?

    • Alex says:

      I have the Same problem, when SD2Vita is inserted ( or atleast when the mSD is also in it) the PSvita takes forever to boot. When i get it out, it continues to boot. When i try to shut it down it won’t till i eject the card. What could be wrong?

  3. The purpley one says:

    Totally freezes your vita trying to run Taihen…… No idea how to fix this at all…. I think my Memory card is @*$*@@ now… Will have to reformat EVERYTHING just to make it work which takes too long to even bother trying at this point….. I think I am going to just throw the vita in the closet and forget about it until they do a full CFW that is not prone to this sort of screw up in the future.

    • freddy says:

      It actually isn’t stalled, it’ll stop while doing that with the firmware setup with the sd card as the main storage, then just lock the screen by tapping the power button and unlock the screen and you should be on the home screen. after i do that I can run my custom stuff again.

  4. khaled says:

    I did everything and it is ok also i used the switch SD2vita .VPK
    and when i open the Vitashell I find the storage alongside my 4GB memory card ,
    how can i install games on that additional storage ??

  5. Death_of_Chaos says:

    I followed all these instructions to the T and my SD Card doesn’t show up. Now what?

    • cracker says:

      If you’re positive it is set up properly then it probably is the adapter not making good enough contact. If it is a bare board then pad the back with some tape for a tighter fit.

  6. Ian Lackey says:

    Not working in any way… So to start out… I am using uma0: method, I have tried ux0: as well… This is on a Vita 1001 and the MicroSD is a Samsung 32gb. I have followed step by step and I am not getting extra storage. The orange light is blinking so I imagine the card is being read… The restart and run of Henkaku is showing up as the video suggests with a lockup in mid run… Please some one help… I have tried this every way I can think of and I can not get it to work… My system is running Enzo. I have even restored to factory and ran a fresh hen install. I have set the skprx file in the ux0 and ur0 tai folders with configs set accordingly on separate loads… I have 3 adapters so I doubt it’s a faulty adapter… I have 2 32gb Samsung MicroSD cards, so I doubt it’s the cards either… Let me break it down in a step by step as to my method so that you might see a flaw in my installation… Vita 1001 Enzo 3.60. MicroSD inserted in PC and ran Win32 Disk imager with zero file provided. removed card reinserted card… Formated exFat with default allocation size and no label. Useing the sony memory card on the Vita I connected Molecule to FileZilla and copied gamesd.skprx into ux0:tai/ and edited the ux0:tai/config. Added line ux0:tai/gamesd.skprx directly under *Kernal within the config file… Rebooted Vita… Inserted Adapter with MicroSD with system shutdown. Started system. Ran web browser at site for hen install… Molecule loads and locks up at appropriate spot. Orange light blinks rapidly as expected during process. Tap power button off and on as instructed to close out of locked up molecule. Run Molecular Shell and get either corrupt file. (indicating that Molecular Shell is corrupt) or error code suggesting version issue… Ok… So Repeate steps but with a reinstall of Enzo… System boots into Molecular shell however no added directory or memory allocation… Please assist me… I am being driven mad. My main thought is that the skprx file is not correctly written for a 1001. I believe the substructure and coding method for the 1001 is different from the 2k and 3k and TV. I think this is the problem. Has any one had success with the 1k models? Please anyone what am I doing wrong here…

  7. Nate says:

    Does anyone have a link to the driver that will mount the SD card as uma0: for henkaku esnso 3.65?

  8. END_USER says:

    I’ve followed all the instructions, however, it failed. Here’s what I did:-

    1.) My PS Vita is 3.60 HENkaku (not Enso as I don’t wanna mess it up with my os0)
    2.) I used Switch SD2VITA and it did read it as uma0, but it didn’t show up on my VitaShell.
    3.) I reboot it, didn’t work either. It still shows my Vita MMC and not the external memory.
    4.) I transferred the gamesd.skprx via USB and not FTP.

    Is there anything wrong or does anyone have a concrete details or instructions on how to use SD2VITA?

  9. Jeppe Kjeldal says:

    I did this using the guide and video and it worked creating the extra storage, however i couldn’t install the games because when i tried to it came with an error. I then rebooted my Vita and it didn’t stop at starting TaiHen and the extra storage was gone. Now i’ve tried to repeat the process several times but the same thing keeps happening and there is no extra storage and it doesn’t stop at “starting TaiHen”.
    Can anyone please help me? And yes i am sure i have done it exactly the way it was stated in the video and it worked the first time.

  10. leontas2007 says:

    I did everything and in the last step when I try to open molecule it says the file is corrupt. Is there anything I can do?

  11. Smoker1 says:

    Need a Updated .img or Formatting Process. 200GB+ Cards have Issues with incorrect Available Storage Amounts. I have more than 90GB left on my 256GB Card, but VitaShell and Adrenaline BOTH are showing 0KB Left (Amount Increases if you Delete a Item in the Card).

  12. Alg0r1tm0 says:

    Can you re-upload driver cause google drive says invalid url !! Thank You

  13. smoothpuffs says:

    hi… i need help. i have sd2vita with 64gb sd card and wanted to upgrade to 256gb. i copied all files from 64gb to 256gb as well as the hidden files. but upon trying it while opening the apps it says corrupted. i tried it in 3.65 then i upgraded to 3.68. same issue is comming. any idea?

  14. Blauhelm says:

    The downloads are down. Can you reupload please?

  15. Toprak says:

    I have 64 gb sd card and when i formating my sd card it looks 1mb capacity. I need help.

  16. Jordan Ketterer says:

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know, if you are on FW 3.65 and your experiencing boot loops with the enso logo and flashing ps button you need the newest version on the driver.
    You can get the newest version here

    While bootlooping you need to hold L trigger to bypass all plugins (additional drivers) and then open vitashell and replace the driver with the newest version. (You will do this the same as when you added the original driver, but selecting replace when prompted)

    @AURORA It might be benefitial to add the link of the newest verion to the guide, as this is the second guide that comes up on google, and thus many people may be stuck. I almost returned my adapter thinking it was faulty but it was the driver. Just so you know, you are still doing better then wotolo because they actually have broken links. Anyway the link provided is actually the release page

  17. Bulletbutter says:

    Ive maxed out my 4gb sd card. How can I set up the second card and be able to switch them out? Do i need to do the same process and just not copy the app folder?

  18. 01y says:

    Use a 64kb cluster size or less when formatting to avoid errors

  19. 7kah says:

    I tried following those steps but as soon as I installed the img, I couldn’t format my card anymore. Says it’s write protected. What to do?

  20. Nina says:

    A non-Windows guide would be a dream! I have only access to Mac and Linux.

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