Freedom Wars English Patch released – Voice Synthesis is now possible


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  1. VIPlaine1 says:


  2. Jefphar says:

    What if I use it on the English version of the game with a Japanese voice ?

    • Xerain says:

      Assuming it does anything other than corrupt the data… it will replace all the English text already in the game with the exact same English text already in the game.

      This is just a translation patch for the Japanese game, but using the existing translation from the English game, as the article stated.

  3. nebu_187 says:


  4. 7 says:

    Lol i dont understand, why no one (even Roah on GBATemp itself) what this damn voice synthesis is.
    Sure, i could ask google, but if im looking for news id like to get em completly. No offence m8.

    • 7 says:


    • Cypherous says:

      The patch is there so you can use the voice synthesis feature that Sony decided to scrap. The voice synthesis function is a text to voice functionality that can be used for accessory customisation.

      Its right there in the article, its literally a pointless addition to the game which is why they removed it most likely

      • 7 says:

        Damn you got me there. ^^
        Didnt expect the explanation in the “Where do i get it?” Section.
        I mean, why does the question “Whats Freedon Wars?” get its own toppic (cmon, when u dont own freedom wars, u wouldnt even klick on this thread most likely) and the question about, “what this adition is” (what no nonjapaneese player that doesnt hunt the internet for lost content etc. would know) gets burried in another section with no highlight.
        So as a Freedom Wars player, i thought “Why shouldnt i know what Freedom Wars is?” anyways. I came here, exactly cause i “know” what it is, and wanted to know what this adition is about.

        Srsly, no offence here. But this post just wasnt thought through.
        I got the urge to write this, after the original poster on GBATemp made a similiar mistake.
        Oh, and i totaly get you when you say “pointles addition”… ^^
        PS: Sorry for my english. 😀

        • Aurora says:

          I honestly don’t get the issue.

          The article is meant to be read as a whole and besides, the explanation is given in the beginning of the section talking about the patch itself. The “What’s Freedom Wars?” section is there simply to explain what the game is about for people that haven’t played it and just stumbled upon the article.

  5. rjshooter says:

    wow Roah, good job dude

    • rjshooter says:

      from what I know, Roah is the only one who still cares for freedom wars, since the game is, welp, kinda dead and all. Besides this, he also released the DLC exploit for freedom wars so ppl can enjoy what using Knuckle and Pistol feels like.

  6. t4k0y4ki says:

    “released in June 2014 in Japan and was a great success there”
    Yeah, “great success”…
    Thanks to this game, and “Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines”‘s poor quality and selling strategy,
    gamers (especially Japan & other countries in Asia) were angry and SCE stopped making any new 1st party Vita games,
    and Vita is so dead now that it’s hacked and we can play homebrews on it, which is fantastic.

  7. Dewm says:

    Does anyone know if the English saves will work on this?