Progress on Switch hacks, and how Nintendo attempts to slow it down


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  1. u knowwho says:


  2. Pumpernickel says:

    Second last!

  3. Tivanh says:

    This is good news, the more code they add to their checks, the easier to add those reporting functions to unsigned code. Every module they utilise gives devs a running start to homebrew rather than coding them and adding them from scratch on an undocumented architecture.

    Not that freebsd is but you get the point.

    For the record admin team, the amount of posts i have deleted in the approval process is getting to a point where i have almost gone hermit. The political correctness or whatever you label it here is becoming quite silly. You don’t know me or my contributions and i have never walked over any line other than indirectly pointing people at their self offense. I never call you a fool, i show you your own fool and let you take from the mirror what you like.

  4. NintendoFan says:

    Nintendo still behind the curve XD

    Can’t wait for my Switch to be hacked!

  5. random says:

    cant they just disable wifi, so the switch does not send log files

    • Bob Grundy says:

      Depends on how it’s setup, its possible that the console stores the logs, then sends them when it gets a connection.

      If that’s the case we need to block the console from sending logs, then figure out how to clear out any stored logs before we can bring the console online again, or find a more permanent way of blocking crash report sending.

      • Prophet says:

        Pretty easy to just use custom DNS server which blocks all communications to Nintendo domains. I’m sure that all of these so called hackers have this already set up.

        • John says:

          Pretty sure that would mean they couldn’t receive updates either though.

          • Thess says:

            pretty sure updates are to be avoided at all cost when hacking anyway.
            the older the firmware,. the better… 99.99% of the time anyway.

    • blah says:

      I think you misunderstand – the crash logs referred to are coming from normal users, not from the hackers. Basically if you (a normal user) manage to crash your switch, then there is possibly a bug in the switchs code. The crash report from your switch then allows Nintendo to fix the bug. If the bug is left unfixed, then a hacker could potentially use it to bypass the switchs security measures.

  6. Hezaika says:

    The log report can easily be bypass with a simple IPtable setting.

  7. hmm says:

    And this is why i have not bought a Switch yet, if it got hacked now then it will be a paperweight since there is very few games out atm

  8. H says:

    I know its a race as to who gets to be the first. But all i see a dying new born honestly. Its really sad.

    • madmaxmadog says:

      Yes cause the almost unhackable vita has sooooo many games to choose from. Unlike the PSP which was hacked almost immediately and barely has any games. Hacking has almost 0 to do with how a console progresses. But don’t take my word for it. Do some research.

  9. TheBlekNikkaVirus says:

    The pic looks like a list of functions.

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