NoSleep and LastSeconds plugins released for the PSVita


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  1. Bob says:

    Aurora, i was wondering if you would be willing to write an article on the fact that newer games can not be played on firmware 3.60. Its becoming more and more of a problem, i currently have 2 games in my possession which i can not play without updating. As I under stand the problem, its code in the cart that checks your firmware and then stops you from playing without updating. Since we, thanks to the xyz team, are able to access the vita cart would it be possible to alter that small line of code? Maybe someone could make an application? Also if I dump the game and run it off the memory card will it still have the same problem?

    • Aurora says:

      You can’t run games that require 3.61+ on a 3.60 PSVita. Games are encrypted so you can’t just change a small line of code that easily.

      You can’t dump games that need 3.61+ games as to dump them, you must be able to open them. Only thing I can suggest is to get another PSVita/PSTV to play the latest games or to ditch HENkaku/taiHEN (which I wouldn’t recommend).

    • Albert Covington says:

      I’m with @Aurora on this one; get yourself a legitimate Vita if you plan on using it for 3.61+ signed games…..I think the opportunities of HENkaku outweigh the need to update just to play future games…which is really a defunct point being that the Vita development is basically outright……dead.

  2. nightwishfan1 says:

    There’s only one thing that could happen if the hacking scene evolves to that point. That being a way to trick a game cart that’s been released post 3.60 firmware into seeing that we’re running 3.65 firmware via w/e the game carts specifically check for in a firmware. That would be the small end option to this one thing. Or taking this a step further, and decrypting a 3.65 update, and figuring out what makes it similar or dissimilar from 3.60, and reverse engineering the dissimilar bits of it to work in a 3.60 firmware package. In that sense we’d get a 3.60 firmware disguised as 3.65, and get the benefits of it while retaining Henkaku compatibility.

    Only problem with this is it may or may not happen……If it isn’t being worked on as we speak of course since we won’t see any hacks for 3.61+ firmwares anytime soon if at all. It’s a big wait, and see game.

    • Anonymous says:

      it would help if it was known what system call is made for a game’s firmware check

    • Fallenleader says:

      Again, the problem with this isn’t firmware checking. It’s encryption. 3.61+ changed the decryption keys on the vita, so without some exploit to get these keys on a 3.61+ vita/PSTV, no new games for anyone.

      If it were simply a firm check, then there would be mods like in the PSP days to bypass this.

      The only reason games can be dumped in the first place is they are loaded so the system decrypts them and the dumper takes over and dumps the executable from memory itself.
      To further explain, the dumped games from mai or vitamin are not even the original executables, but rather a decrypted clone dumped from memory. The reason <= 3.60 games will still work from an official state is the crypto key is compatible.

    • Fallenleader says:

      I will try to retype in my comment again since this is the fifth time it was nuked by a mod despite containing nothing against the rules. Seriously moderators, at least leave a note of WHY comments are denied!

      Encryption does not work in the manor you are thinking. The Vita has a key it uses to decrypt that is completely independent of firmware version.
      This key changed in 3.61 making any games that rely on that key to work to simply error out because it remains encrypted.

      The only solution to this, is if a later firm was exploited. If it were so simple even with Henkaku, we wouldn’t have the need for tools to decrypt eboots whether legitimate or not. Those executables are dumped decrypted from RAM and are not even the original executable, but rather a rebuilt one from it being loaded into RAM.

      It actually gets more technical than this, but if I were to try to explain further, this comment might get nuked again if it doesn’t already. -_-

  3. Cid says:

    Aw, I was hoping for Last Seconds to be like a critical battery level warning or something that’d be given a number of seconds in advance of the Vita going into sleep mode, allowing the user some “Last Seconds” to save their game, close down the software, or anything you might want to do before sleep mode.

  4. 13pokerus says:

    loving the consistent updates Aurora

  5. Don'tWhatToDo says:

    Unrelated to the topic. But where can I get that Hatsune Miku Theme and how do I install it?

  6. v3xvocaloid says:

    Your thumbnail has the icon that i’ve created long time ago which is Hatsune Miku Theme Created by me using photoshop. So glad some still use it. I lost the theme contest on hackinformer and then stop creating PSV themes.

  7. v3xvocaloid says:

    Get the Hatsune Miku Theme here.
    I don’t know if you can still download them or not because it’s my old mediafire account.

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