vitaQuakeII – PS Vita Port by Rinnegatamante


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Dave says:

    *** Awesome!

  2. SUPERX says:

    Wow this guy is a coding machine he just regularly makes ps vita app
    thanks you very much Rinnegatamante

  3. Acromioclavicular says:


  4. Mc-Shotgun says:

    Hey Guys, can anyone tell me how to install corectly?
    I Downloaded the vok and the data package.
    Installed the VPK and opened quake.
    few errors showed up.
    what did i wrong?

    • Cid says:

      Did you also put the folder of the PC version of Quake 2 into ux0:/data/?
      It needs these resources to run.

    • Tripp says:

      I put the quake directory as instructed from the link that was provided and still get errors (as well).

      • delta191 says:

        You probaby don’t have the required files, I had same problem.

        you need a full pc version of quake2.

        The quake2 version I used is off steam, it works 100%
        this is the size on disk:371 MB (389,033,984 bytes)
        H:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\quake 2
        Contains: 368 Files, 13 Folders

        Hope you solve it.

        • tripp says:

          Thanks for replying! I’ll try that. The last time I played Quake 2 was with my AmigaPPC/Permedia setup.. 🙂

  5. cynder2011 says:


    • cynder2011 says:

      Oh, so i have the full version (plus expansions) on Steam, could I take the data of the Normal Quake 2 (non expansions) and just use that in replace of the demo files?

      • delta191 says:

        I downloaded a pc version and it didn’t work.

        I use steam and I bought quake 2 for 99 pence in steam sale.

        I then found where steam installed the game (in my case: H:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\Common\Quake 2

        I then copied every file in the Quake 2 folder from my steam Quake 2 folder into a ux0:/data/quake2 folder and booted perfectly, runs great!!

        Hope it helps

  6. Rayo says:

    I wish someday we’ll be able to play Counter Strike 1.6. I *** love that game

  7. gbg says:

    Love Quake. Thanks Dude !!!

  8. tripp says:

    How does side-step work on this? If it’s possible at all? For some reason the left and the right analog sticks turn left and right. Would work easily if the left analog would side-step when pushing left and right. Should be easy to implement. Then this would be ace! Please add this function. Thanks!

  9. tripp says:

    Sidestep would boost experience tenfold! Both right and left analog controllers control the
    movement, ie. it would just take other “dublicate” control away so sidestep -function would
    be easy to include. Made simple thing sound complicated. But with side-step I’d play this even more!

    Cheers for the port.

  10. Hardin says:

    Contrary to what I assumed, you copy the quake2 folder of the full game OVER the one provided in the link here (therefore overwriting the files included in the provided quake2 folder with the ones from the full game). Also go to options and set lookstrafe to yes to get the proper dual analog experience.

  11. espro says:

    Where should i put original soundtrack files? Without music Quake is not so great for my personal taste 🙂