Plutoo dumps binaries for Nintendo Switch’s firmware modules


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  1. Simon says:


  2. Norn says:

    Sounds like a backward compatibility is possible then.

  3. Charles Fasano says:

    First and sweet.

  4. Meow says:

    Love seeing progress updates like these, keep it up

  5. bersercar says:

    keep on doin it plutoo

  6. TheTechDoc says:

    Isn’t it a bit soon for this ? I mean I love full access to consoles and whatever, but homebrew will always lead to piracy and I’m worried at the rate they are getting access, it won’t be too long before we have “backup” switch games, which is a problem when the console isn’t totally established yet, may cause a PSP like situation where a good console gets held back by piracy at such an early stage…

    • nakedfaerie says:

      The problem is the switch isn’t a good console to start with. The Vita is better and its older and smaller.
      Think about it, The switch plays like a handheld and also plays on the big screen.
      The Vita IS a handheld and also streams PS4 games which the PS4 plays on the big screen.
      The Vita can do a lot more than the switch can do. Even the PSP can do more than the switch can.
      The Switch has what 3 games? The Vita launched with I forget now, about 20 games and remote play with the PS3 and PS4 so its got hundreds of games.
      The switch wont get enough games for piracy to be a problem. When you pirate the 3 games its already got there isn’t much of a loss there.
      There is only a handful of games announced for it so piracy cant hurt it anyway. Hopefully homebrew will bring lots of great features like backwards compatibility and emulators making it a better system.

      And NindenDOH are doing exactly like they did with the WiiU. Its keeping it for first party games and very little 3rd party games.

      I have all the consoles except for a switch. I cant see the need for it when I already play Zelda on the WiiU and the other games look stupid and I’m not going to pay lots of money for 3 games which look stupid.

      Maybe when its hacked and able to play backups I’ll get a switch only for the homebrew and backups. Till then its a stupid console and not worth it. Maybe in a year or 2 when there is actually more games for it then maybe. Even Skyrim isn’t released for it yet, after all the hype I thought it would’ve been a launch title, but no, its delayed till next year I believe?
      1 game every few months is a really lame idea and the reason why I dont own one yet. If it was 1 game a week then maybe, but I’m waiting till its really worth it and now its not.

      If you got a PS4 then just get a Vita, its better than a switch. If you got an xbox one then sell it and get a PS4 and Vita as the xboned is *** compared to the PS4. (Yea, I have both and regret getting the xboned)

      if you want to stick with nintendoh then get a 3DS. Its still better than a switch as its got lots more games and backwards compatibility and its still getting games all the time. but I do recommend a Vita, its a great console just hard to find a good one, the first gen and the games are even harder to find as all the shops have stopped selling it.

    • Franky says:

      But there’s no proof piracy effects sales. I think piracy enabling exploits just gives companies an excuse for poor sales.

    • Cypherous says:

      All it really shows is that nintendo suck at security

      Personally the switch isn’t even on my list of possible purchases so as far as i’m concerned the console is already dead, its an overpriced tablet trying to compete in the console market and while it will have its fans its not really a serious contender, hacking the console wide open might actually increase hardware sales like it did with the PSP

      • Kazy says:

        PsVita was hacked in a week. Sony is not better.
        Don’t worry for Switch sales, it is so dead that is sold out everywhere right now without hacking and with many high profile games coming in the coming months and next year. Go back playing with your tablet while you’re wondering if it could play a heavy game like Zelda (hint: no) or pretending you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Jack Attack says:

      The PSP did poorly because of poor software in the beginning. Sony was focusing on console-like gaming ports and games and that was missing the point.

      Nintendo had a stranglehold on handheld gaming then. It was only them. There was no mobile gaming. It was just whatever Nintendo was doing. The PSP came around the rumor mill and forced Nintendo to speed up their DS launch. And it felt like it.

      The PSP did incredible numbers, hardware-wise. Early on. But it was the software attachment rates that gave pause. People were buying it to play emulators more than anything. That, more than piracy *** off most 3rd party publishers and developers.

      Sony finally gets its act together and funds more games and provides better advertising and new models that address the problems. Software attachment rates increase and the rest is history. A handheld that did BETTER than the Gameboy Advance. One that gave Nintendo real competition and made them release the wonderful DS Lite.

      Yes, the DS sold twice as many hardware units as the PSP but the PSP gave them some serious competition and was the first handheld to do so. The DS has even easier piracy. Not homebrew. Full blown piracy focused carts. It also had it early, too. Using the GBA slot first before moving to the DS cart slot. Guess what? The DS did just fine.

      The Vita has only sold 13 million. 15% of what the PSP did and VITA piracy and homebrew didn’t hit until the console was already dead.

      So, yeah. Piracy means nothing but a symptom, at best, and it rarely means the death knell of ANY system. Only the Famicom Disk System can have legitimate claim to death due to piracy and even then it may have just been an over-reaction by Nintendo.

    • PanchoT1 says:

      Agreed…. We want it fully hacked but not this early on… Maybe the devs will wait for a couple of updates before releasing anything.

    • Jake says:

      Sales of the switch is doing well and it will continue through the holiday seaason. I don’t believe early piracy will effect it in anyway. If anything releasing it now will just get it patched with a small library of games to pirate anyway.

    • Isana says:

      Consoles getting held back by poracy? Then why did the 3DS succeed and the Vita fail so hard? The Vita only just last year reached a point where people could play game backups, but people have been able to do this on the 3DS for years. The difference is that Nintendo actually supported and marketed their handheld, whereas Sony tried way too hard to prevent piracy, resulting in overpriced memory cards and then, despite all of that effort and their overpriced proprietary nonsense, abandoned the Vita.

      As long as the console is supported and marketed well and enough interest is built up and maintained to encourage third party developers, the console will succeed regardless of whether or not are able to play backups.

    • Harbard says:

      A good console will sell regardless. 3Ds “backups” can literally be downloaded straight off the eshop (though it’s safest to direct dl from cdn). It’s been this way for a couple of years now, and we’re still getting steady releases this year, and in 2018 according to that liar Fils-Aime.

      I understand that it had a few years to establish itself first, but the way it’s selling already… The Switch isn’t going to vaporize.

    • Moor-Angol says:

      PSP sold 80mln units (more than 3DS), I hope for Switch to reach those numbers while it has been hacked 🙂

  7. Thrawn says:

    As it stands currently, even if the console is hacked wide open… there is not much to grab or even to pirate.
    As of now, the switch is a – Breath of the wild / Mario Kart 8 deluxe – portable device… which both of them are available on the wii u.

    Only thing to “maybe” change and increase its appeal is maybe metroid prime 4, xenoblade chronicles 2 and fire emblem warriors… but their releases are distant and expected prices are “nintendoish” high.

    Also, maybe, this is nintendos strategy… to actually let the hacker groups run rampant… only to plug it up in one go, with one giant “useability update” at the end of this year/beginning of 2018. (mind you online play becomes finally monetized on the switch 😉 )
    Not like with the 3ds… where the hacking community is already one step ahead of ninty… for them to never get a hold again.

  8. SKGleba says:

    RE!? where?? gimme those modules!!

  9. ok says:

    Great article