PSVita 3G to Memory Card Adapter – IndieGoGo Campaign by Yifan Lu


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  1. Chris.beanz says:

    Amazing, yifan lu thank you for every thing you have done to revitalize my vita! Cannot wait for it to be mass produced!!

  2. noyd says:


    • f4 says:

      They sold out in less than a day.

      • Jesus says:

        A day is a very long time.

        • Plastic says:

          More like an hour. He did not plan this well whatsoever. There is a tremendous demand for these.

          • BenoitRen says:

            The big question is, though: a high demand from PS Vita owners, or scalpers? It wouldn’t be the first time. See: Dreamcast SD card adapter.

          • Danny says:

            When I bought mine, the campaign hade been up for about 7 hours, and there were still 55 boards left after I bought mine. So saying that they didn’t even last an hour is a heck of a lie.

          • Franky says:

            This is a research project. He’s not trying to make a product.

  3. Serezade says:

    If you can use it with 3.61+ this may lead to interesting things

    • Cypherous says:

      This won’t help people who were silly enough to update, its just an alternative for memory storage, it won’t work on stock firmware and is infact likely to cause issues during updates if the system assumes the 3G modem is there when it isn’t

    • Jesus says:


    • drd7of14 says:

      Well, you can’t…And it will still lead to interesting things. Just not for anyone that doesn’t have Henkaku, which is only for 3.60.

    • andoryuu3 says:

      Highly unlikely. To use this adapter, you have to load a custom driver via Henkaku.

  4. Ethan Weegee says:


  5. Hachiroku says:


  6. I saw the campaign within minutes of it going live on my indiegogo app and no sooner than I go to the store to put money on my debit card than it sells out… All 100 of them went rapidly!!! 🙁 At least he’s releasing the source code and schematics so others can produce them. He estimated that only about 75 out of the 100 would be 90% compatible (in terms of not having problems installing them properly)… I suppose I’ll be fine with my 64GB JP memory card and Enso beta for now! 🙂

  7. Cypherblade says:

    The boards from AliExpress do work and to take apart the vita is really easy

  8. kami says:

    just bought a MB 3G from ebay, before it becomes overprices as the NES mini classic…

  9. andoryuu3 says:

    I’m extremely thankful I purchased the WiFi + 3G model when I was in Japan. Once this becomes mass produced, I will buy one for sure. In the meantime, I decided to support Yifan Lu by buying a prototype board. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to solder in a couple components and have a working board!

  10. Ple2man says:

    Wifi model is unfortune?

  11. d4rk51d3 says:

    Yay! I’ve got a fat one……… errr, Fat 3G I mean.

  12. Salar says:

    Nice , i already have a 3g model
    i would love to see something like this

  13. jlx78520 says:

    Perfect work, but why not to use ebay mini pcie to micro sd adapter: only thing I see is power consumption, from images I see this one also uses usb d+ and d- lines.

    • swrglordzz says:

      ask him on twitter

    • VRPC says:

      It is because it is not following the mPCIe standards. The pinouts are different. Also from the description he mentions that the length of the 3G board doesn’t follow either the short or long mPCIe standard form factor.

      • jlx78520 says:

        Missed that, thanks. Then we should wait for China to make more of these opensource boards 🙂

        • Jack Attack says:

          About 4 million Vitas were sold. Not sure how many 3G versions were made but regardless, I doubt more than 10,000 people will buy this, in the end.

          So… they won’t be bothered. What will happen is people will make drives to setup small runs of less than 1k or so each time.

    • VRPC says:

      Forgot to mention that the connector isn’t even a PCIe interface. The 3G “mPCIe” module is really only a USB 3G module that uses the mPCIe connector. As stated in his description is uses USB and some of the other pins are debugging pins. You can clearly see TX,RX, and another pin used in Serial programmer interfaces, CTS (though no RTS or DTR). Wonder if we can solder a USB flash drive to the USB pins and use VitaShell to mount as a memory card.

      • jlx78520 says:

        USB is a general purpose interface, so only thing limiting this would be drivers (maybe also 5v power supply for flash drive), but PS TV does exactly that. This would be nice to plug small USB flash drive at the top of your PS Vita (by removing mystery port and replacing it with USB).

  14. Binbo says:

    Thanks for the article, Aurora. Looking forward to future updates.

  15. 123 says:

    Why not use the game cart slot for the microsd adapter? The game cart is big enough to fit the microsd.

    • jlx78520 says:

      It would be very hard to put there anything and price of this adapter would go up quite a bit.

  16. acidmango says:

    Luckily it’s all open source anyways…
    unlucky that he suspects the yield of functional boards will be 75/100 for those backers.

    • ThankYou says:

      He knowingly very largely underestimates the success rate to be sure to meet it. In practice, pretty much all boards should work.

  17. ThankYou says:

    Thanks for the article, Wolola. Looking forward to future updates.

  18. Male says:

    So… can anyone sugest Yifan-sama to open more $20,- (with hardwareshipping) options?

    The first 100 were gone before you could blink the eye..

  19. w00tguy says:

    The extra $ I paid for my Vita at launch wasn’t for nothing after all!

  20. boypalos says:

    Good update… have fun for all those able to use it… i got a wifi so no chance for me (yet)

  21. Alex says:

    How much could I get for my 3G Vita unupdated as I don’t use mine.