Cemu v1.8.0


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. ZeroSbr says:

    Well, there becomes less and less of a reason to get a Wii U these days.

  2. Gerry says:

    CEMU isn’t just available to patreon donators. They just get early access to each release, by 10 days or something. Anybody can download CEMU from the cemu.info website.

    • Joel16 says:

      I’m aware of that but currently the latest release is only available on patreon. And it would be nice so support the devs by becoming a patron hence why we decided to link there.

      • Gerry says:

        Fair enough, but the first sentence does grammatically read as per my comment. “this fantastic Wii U emulator which is only available to patron supporters”. V1.8, as per the title, is applicable to the truth of the statement, but the sentence alone is misleading. But, yeah, support them. CEMU is coming along nicely and they recently expanded ‘staff’ (coders). If people would like to support an open source Wii U emulator, they can look at Decaf Emulator, which is coming along, but obviously doesn’t have the backing of CEMU.

      • KeepnItReal says:

        So in other words, this is just an advertisement.

      • TehCupcakes says:

        That’s great and all, but I think you missed his point. The article is misleading.You said at the beginning, “[Cemu is a] Wii U emulator which is only available to patron supporters”. That is just not true. You should have said the latest version is only available to patron supporters.

  3. DudeGuy says:

    Well, now. That’s awfully misinformative to suggest that this is “only available to Patreon supporters”. It’s only exclusive to them for about a week and then it’s free game for anyone.

    • Joel16 says:

      What we meant to say was it’s currently available for Patreon supporters. We will fix that in a bit.

      • nice meme says:

        this is honestly disgusting behavior on your end, intentional misguiding people into supporting an emulator which would have far more progress if it were to be open source instead of just a moneygrab in the first place.

        • Joel16 says:

          It wasn’t intentional, it was an accident. Sadly us authors don’t have the authority to edit content once it’s posted. I’ll have to blame the admin here. Already contacted him minutes after posting this and told him to make the changes. It was meant to say it’s only currently available for Patreon supporters. (Until a week later of course).

          • lol says:

            Yeah, it’s everyone’s fault but yours, right?
            It was also the universe’s fault that didn’t allow you to proofread before you posted your content, right? Never yours.

  4. Rin says:

    So do we need high end pc? asus rog gl552vw laptop I have 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7 6700 HQ CPU,GTX960M 2GB & 4GB Ram I dont really understand how to see if its a good or bad spec do you guys think I can run Cemu?

  5. ducky1549 says:

    it also fails to mention you need a highish spec gaming rig for it to actually be of any good for games

    • Eric says:

      Really? Cause I have an Intel i3 7100u and an Intel 620 you..and it runs decently. Course, I also have 20 gigs of memory.

    • TehCupcakes says:

      The article is about as objective about it as you can get. It clearly states that the official stance of cemu is that it is “highly experimental”, but that certain users have had a positive experience. This implies that not everyone will have a great experience; logically, performance depends on your PC. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t take an exceptionally high-end PC to run certain games decently, but others will not run at a playable rate no matter how powerful your PC.

      It’s a bit of a mixed bag, which is all to be expected of an emulator at this stage.

  6. Frank says:

    WHere are the frame rate drops? It is really and highly playable. What an evolution but you need really high specs.

  7. wii u user says:

    i buyed real wii u and forget about cemu)))

  8. Naridar says:

    BoTW runs with 25-30 FPS (near full or full speed) on an i5 6600 with an R9 380, and other games sans Xenoblade X run at full speed. It’s an affordable rig and you could probably get even more out of it with a Ryzen or a 7th gen i5.

  9. DJPlace says:

    donate to play on emulators? **** that.

  10. koko says:

    @ wii u user
    Same here i have buy a cheap wiiu on the net with alot of games, wiimote and gamepad for nothing
    and forget an emulator who ask money to play buggy emulator