Adrenaline Easy Installer 1.10 released – Adrenaline-4 support


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26 Responses

  1. Hames says:

    i Installed it and it deleted all my previous save states from old adrenaline. sucks!!!

    • Tonbo says:

      Adrenaline 4 is garbage buggy mess rushed release and now this is easy garbage installer that deletes your saves.

      I think the guys need a break.

      • d4rk51d3 says:

        Been a bit of a mixed bag. Not a deal breaker though. Just keeps it “interesting”. Still appreciate all the devs efforts.

    • MrSephi says:

      That’s Adrenaline itself. Revert back to 3.1 and the savestates are back. Flow said the savestates between versions are incompatible.

    • Islingr says:

      ***, Save states from one version of adrenaline are not compatible with any other version as stated by TheFlow. So it makes sense this utility would then delete them by default when upgrading.

  2. Caracaracarn says:

    Now if only someone could mirror the apk for this inferior mobile user 😀

  3. Hagen says:

    So i deleted adrenaline because v4 didn’t appear at the menu. And it deleted almost all my games and homebrews from
    The live area!!! What happened!! Please somebody help 🙁

    • Caracaracarn says:

      Restart system, if that doesn’t work. Rebuild database, should fix it

      • Hagen says:

        It worked!!! Thanks man!!! I was so bummed… another one, with the adrenaline easy installer i don’t see the latest version. It only appears the v3fix. Using the latest easy installer.

  4. Reymon says:

    i installed whitout any problems and running ok

    • Yyu says:

      must download minis game base again, and when I try installing my Psvita slowed down. and must remove the battery to restart it. how do you do it, man. the adrenaline 3.1 is work like charm but 4 is problem to me.

  5. Yyu says:

    When I install it, then I install minis game it said you must download again what that suppose to mean? I dont get. can someone hep me Please!

  6. slope says:

    So i deleted adrenaline because v4 didn’t appear at the menu. And it deleted almost all my games and homebrews from

  7. lalilulelo says:

    mmm there seems to be a problen with the left analog stick that wasn’t present in the earlier versions.. when i run in monster hunter my character constantly stops and continues to run… it’s super annoying. i hope this gets fixed soon…

  8. shinja89 says:

    Does the save state work with psx game?

  9. Henri_MTL says:

    This release is impressive. Special thank to the best The Flow, this guy is incredible. Thanks your very much for all guys who worked on this!!!

  10. Leonardo says:

    i used locoroco midnight to install adrenaline is still version 1 for me. how can i update without losing my saves on burnout legends, hot shot tennis, etc?

    • Benjamin says:

      installed v110 and after the reboot, no way to reinstall henkaku hack… Any clue to help me ?

  11. SDF says:

    Anyone know if this still works with SD2VITA and/or the rest of the game cartridge based memory cards? My only thoughts are on whether or not the game installed by it will still work after.

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  14. rick says:

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