GekiHEN PS Vita homebrew competition – Winners announced


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7 Responses

  1. Reymon says:

    Good. Great software was presented… And maybe first?

  2. Salar says:

    Nice , Thanks everyone
    also everyone who have contributated to the scene both directly and indirectly
    thanks all

  3. ManekiNeko says:

    Wait wait wait. Great emulators like PFBA and UAE4All lost to a ZELDA FAN GAME?!?

  4. juniorpsvita says:

    Best Emulador PFBA Forever

  5. aramaru says:

    I really like OpenTyrian for Vita. Darn I should have voted instead procrastinating :D.
    Still, competitions like this really drive community forward. Congratulations to winners.

  6. Love ya, bro! Thanks for this!

  7. A good game and very attractive, I will try it. thank for sharing