Adrenaline-3 released! PSX and save state support (and more)


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  1. Donopatay says:

    You are late on the news.

    • Donopatay says:

      The double tapping back to the livearea feature does not work on mine instead it displays the message “Could not find the application.”. Anyone having this problem also?

      • solidsnake says:

        Changelog v3 fix –
        – Fixed bug where ‘Cannot find application’ would show up instead of returning to livearea.
        – Fixed bug where you couldn’t access the Adrenaline Menu after enabling/disabling wifi.

        • Donopatay says:

          I cant seem to find that “v3 fix” though in TheFlow’s Github. Even tried downloading again the “” and reinstalling it again hoping that the fix was merged in it but the problem is still there.

          • Donopatay says:

            Oh wait. I found it. Took a little bit of digging in the links to find the “3.01” release.

    • Aurora says:

      I’m sorry. It so happens that writing articles takes some time…

      • mxanon says:

        Urgh, don’t let those bumheads get you down. Not everyone checks Reddit every few minutes, so articles like this are still helpful. Plus to did a great job outlining everything! Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  2. altemecya says:

    Horray!!! Finally PSOne support with sound!! Thanx TheFlow!!

  3. DarkElementPL says:

    So PS One classics installed from pkg will now run?

  4. zrtx says:

    waiting 4 ez installer, pls make it happen asap

  5. Akiyo says:

    Does this version includes the Right stick camera plugin? Or I must find and add it separately?

  6. b4r1s says:

    does 100% of PSX games work now? 😮

  7. bigbow says:

    Does anyone have the same that problem with PS1 games on PS TV ? i get only a small picture in the upper left part of the TV screen

  8. Dan says:

    Very happy for this release!
    What is the easiest way to install V3 if you have a previous version of Adrenaline already set up?
    Also, how do you run PSX on PSP eboots?

    • Dan says:

      Nevermind – figured it out! For anyone with the same questions: Easy Installer v1.08 has been updated to install the new Adrenaline version over the old version (leaving all your games intact). You can put the PSX-to-PSP eboot folders in the “Game” folder in pspemu, then they will show up on the Adrenaline menu.

  9. bigbow says:

    nevermind, need to have settings on TV to automatic resolution

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    The download should be updated to reflect the v3 fix release.

  11. Name says:

    Still waiting for a permanent hack. We have everything now besides a permanent hack.

  12. giinova says:

    Anyone has a tutorial on could guide me on how to install ps1 games on adrenline-3?

    • Lubik says:

      Run vitashell..uxO/pspemu/creative folder PSP/creative folder GAME.Copy game with folder in folder GAME(gta,mgs,medievil…)Run adrenalin.Game is game is memory stick.Function official settings from Sony.
      Sorry my english.I am czech republic.

      • giinova says:

        Thanks and no problem. I got your instructions. For anyone else wanting more detailed instruction:
        All games go in ux0:/pspemu/game/.
        The game has to be in eboot.pbp format and in case you are getting black screen when starting Psx game from adrenaline then you are making the same mistake as I am. Don’t leave the compression ratio on 0. Best to keep it at 1 if you don’t want to lose too much quality.

        • Lubik says:

          Fail directory
          UX0/PSPEMU/PSP/GAME…..heer copy folder with game eboot.pbp
          Copy new files adrenalin 3 in folder Adrenalin? (3 files)

          • giinova says:

            No you are confusing adrenaline update with ps1 game copying. The three new files go into Ux0:/adrenaline/ folder.

  13. Salar says:

    You can return to LiveArena by double pressing the PS button
    it should be Live Area not Arena XD come on we dont fight there

  14. marek256 says:

    Guys, I have a strange problem. V2 worked fine, in V3, when I run Adrenaline for first time, I am stuck at the Install 6.61.PBP to memory stick, press X.
    After pressing X, nothing happened. I tried to reboot, restart TaiHen, tried to install Adrenaline manually, also via Installer, and still the same problem. It works on V2 with no problem, only v3 and 3.01 is a problem. Any suggestion would be appreciated

  15. dan says:

    can i install adrenaline with the old easy installer?

  16. krhym3 says:

    heck yeah, and updating was as easy as pie. already playing doom on psx and it runs great! last version it wouldn’t even open. thanks as always mr flow

  17. Evil Black says:

    Now all I need is a rumble feature so Psycho Mantis can make my Vita move…

    • ZeroSbr says:

      That…will never happen, at least not without some sort of 3rd party accessory.

      • Panda says:

        It *could* happen if you were using a DS3/DS4 controller instead of Vita controls.

        • Panda says:

          Didn’t read making the Vita move (facepalm) Still, there are other ways to get rumble.

          • ZeroSbr says:

            Do tell. As far as I know, if rumble is not built into the hardware, it’s not possible on that device without an external piece of hardware. If I’m wrong, I’d love to know why.

          • Bob says:

            No ZeroSbr, that’s not true! Here is an easy guide to adding a rumble ability to any device.
            Step 1: Very carefully open the device.
            Step 2: Go outside and pick up some rocks, the size is dependent upon the device and how much rumble you want.
            Step 3: Put the rocks in the device and close it.
            Step 4: Shake the device around, and feel the rumble.

          • Bob says:

            Caution: The Device will most likely break fairly quickly. But at least you get that rumble!

          • ZeroSbr says:

            Still an external piece(s) of hardware :p

          • Bob says:

            Oh yeah, good point. I admit defeat

  18. Tonbo says:

    Digimon World 2003 eboot from Nicoblog doesn’t work, won’t start.

  19. Yexcelsior says:

    hope they include on the next update, the option to use the analog stick esp on PSX games

  20. Kaneda says:

    Thanks! Greetings from Perú.

  21. TehCupcakes says:

    Hopefully this is obvious to everyone, but I think it should be noted…
    “download the 6.61 update”

    This is the PSP firmware update. Want to be extra careful so nobody misinterprets this is “update your Vita”, even though a Vita firmware 6.61 doesn’t exist. 😉

  22. ZeroSbr says:

    Can’t seem to get FileZilla to work. Is there any way to get stuff where I need it on my Vita through USB?

    • Donopatay says:

      Is Henkaku running on your device? Because the Vitashell had that USB transfer feature you are talking about for months right now.

      • ZeroSbr says:

        Yes, Henkaku is on my device. It’s as easy as plugging it into my computer?

        • Donopatay says:

          Yes, just start Vitashell, press select button to start USB mode and access your PS Vita storage as if it was a “Mass Storage Device” or a “Removable drive”. You may need to disable hidden system files if you are using Windows to see all the folders and files.

        • Bob says:

          No you need to use the latest vitashell, then go into usb mode, its the select button, then it will be accessible.
          But I’m pretty sure that in order to update vitashell, you will need to get filezilla working.

  23. DJPlace says:

    finally sound freaking freaking sound!! for vita i love you guys.

  24. ionsin says:

    when Legend of Mana was played once again in my vita, the unforgettable excellent music makes me tears out of control !
    & Bug report : when running ps1 game in standby mode (run the game but not paly it a few minutes), vita will shut down instead of entering standby mode !

  25. Tonbo says:

    Bug report: when opening official settings the buttons will effect both settings and psp xmb and will minimize adrenaline app and return to live area every few seconds.

  26. Dissaor says:

    Any luck running Tales of Phantasia english patched??, I have tried using the POPS loader plugin, but no luck so far

  27. DJPlace says:

    shoot just forget i can’t install this on my 3.63 vita… SIGH….

  28. Lucas Vieira says:

    Here is the link with the releases, including the Fix:

  29. Phantom says:

    Thanks a lot for all this hard work ! TheFlow, you made the PSVita great again ! You rock !

  30. john says:

    For some reason, i can’t use ctf themes anymore, put everything in the respective folders, but cant make it works.

  31. JohnnyLove007 says:

    How to enter PSX MENU to Streech Screen Size?

    • Donopatay says:

      The same way your PS VITA does the Official PSP settings but you have to do it while the PSX game is running.

      • Paolo says:

        hi, and which is the official way? Never used psp emu on vita…

        • Paolo says:

          Resolved: the way is : press Playstation button for a while, go in adrenaline settings -> Open official settings -> Now your are in psx settings

  32. SeanP2500 says:

    where does adrenaline store save states so I can transfer from vita to tv? looks like it’s stored in PSP/SAVESTATE niice….

  33. Ultraman_hafidz says:

    This is great! But i can’t seem to use cwcheat in it, anybody?

  34. Vi says:

    I converted Roll Boss Rush to eboot. It’s amazing, never thought I’d ever play this bad a** game on my Vita!

  35. Mr. 0 says:

    Digimon world 1 is a little slow, but it’s playable. Is there any way to speed it up? Because I saw some gameplay videos of it running on a PSP and it runs perfectly.

  36. Darko says:

    First of all I woul like to say THANK YOU for all the great works the Flow has done.
    I have a small question everything works perfectly but when I try to load some old psx titles I did many years ago (that perfectly work on my PSP) I get
    What am I doing wrong??

    Thanks in advance

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