Giveaway announcement week 17, 2017

5 Responses

  1. drd7of14 says:

    Thanks buddy!

  2. Darrik says:

    Hey i can give you few game keys will you sponsor my website?

    • italkgame says:

      Very unlikely. I really don’t want the readers to feel like I can be bought for a few keys,
      However if you’re a developer/publisher of a game and feel like it would be of interest to the wololo community feel free to reach out

  3. Salar says:

    Nice to Know people are still giving freebies
    Thanks for what u are doing

  4. jeremymd says:

    I’d love to be more active. I’ve been frequenting your site for years. It’s just that I have little to offer. I’m not a coder or anything. But I would love to post some articles and maybe join in the forums.