Pay what you want for $334 worth of PS4 and PS3 games in the Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle

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  1. Coil_Whine says:

    As a PS4 Pro owner the deal is even sweeter as I can play Darksiders 1 Warmastered in 4K on my UHD Samsung TV. And I’m a huge Red Faction fan but I never played the original’s PS2 version, or ever even owned the Destroy All Humans games. A lotta value there.

  2. Tonbo says:

    Buying video games for Charity, that’s like the opposite of Piracy.

  3. tapi says:

    Red Faction 1 is fantastic, I had no idea they ported it to PS4. Definitely worth the $1

  4. No-one says:

    @ITALKGAME , can you put the information about the keys only being redeemable in those countries at the top of the page and in “bold” please? Just that there’s no real point for us in the EU to read this post since we can’t actually redeem them. Thanks

    • Max says:

      you can redeem them just fine and play them.
      Just not on your european account.
      I at least use an US account on my Vita and I’m in europe.
      So just create an US PS Acc and your good to go.

      • Ehehe says:

        No thank you. Having 2 separate accounts is just a hassle and not to mention that I won’t have access to PS+ on there and my trophies won’t count on my own profile.

        • grrr says:

          Exactly, read this thinking good deal until i see at the end UK is not available, sucks, screw these deals, they lost out on my money now

          • 909090 says:

            bullcrap, i’m Russian and i have 3 acconts on 1 ps (Russian (EU), American and Japanese), all works fine. Bought 15$ bundle. Don’t care about trophies, care about games

        • rudiger says:

          You can still play them on your profile if you download a game with a US account..

        • Figaro says:

          That’s untrue. You can redeem codes on US accounts then play them (and unlock trophies along with it) on your usual profile. You can play online too.

    • italkgame says:

      Games bought on your US account should still be playable on your EU account. Trophies will unlock as usual. Besides that people can purchase the humble bundle as a gift for their friends in NA or Latin America territories and then there is those hojust like to buy a bundle in support of the developers or charity.

  5. Cheeapassgamer says:

    16 games for 15$, dang feels bad man ,God bless THQ Nordic and Humble Bundles organization

  6. DJPlace says:

    don’t care for this bundle.