PSP: Custom Firmware M33 source released for popular tool’s 10 year anniversary


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25 Responses

  1. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll says:

    10 years

  2. ekimono says:

    Ah. The good old times <3

  3. nonijod says:

    It was -1 (0xFFFFFFFF).

  4. Salar says:

    Nice , better PSP Support on Vita i guess might be coming then

    • ZeroSbr says:

      What makes you think this? I’m no expert by any means, but this really only seems to benefit developers that want to make an improved M33…which is fun for some people to play around with I guess, but ultimately pointless for end users already running PRO and other CFW on their PSPs. As for the Vita, it might help with eCFW, but eCFW itself is quickly becoming obsolete with (tai)Henkaku out. This is really just for posterity. Wololo even says this: “In practice, this release will not be useful for most of you, but for PSP and ePSP (Vita) developers, it it a critical piece of PSP hacking history.”

    • Samus says:

      Doubtful seeing as how the eCFW was based on more advanced versions of PSP CFW that reverse engineered M33 so there isnt realy anything that this would really help with.
      It’s mostly for archiving purposes most likely.

  5. Deathscreton says:

    Man, I remember bustin’ open my first battery to turn it into a Pandora’s Battery, then reverting it with just some pencil lead. ***’ priceless.

    Then they released the software version where you could turn any battery into a Pandora’s Battery with just a few button presses, and still use it as a regular one. Back when things were simplier. lol.

  6. Disclaimer says:

    happy 10 years ! 😀
    Used my DDC lots of times for my friends back in those days, I can only agree about the magical feel it procured

  7. ESL-kun says:

    M33 was the peak PSP CFW, I’m still using 5.00M33-6 with the 1.50 kernel addon on my launch PSP 1000

    • ZeroSbr says:

      I’m sorry.

      • ESL-kun says:

        yeah you are

        • Carl Brown says:

          I still have my Pandora’s battery and memory stick all stored away, and from time to time play my PSP which is still on 5.00 M33-6 with the 1.50 kernel too. My lovely 32GB memory stick, which is a micro SD in a wonderfully useful Sony PSP memory stick adapter, best £5 I ever spent for any gaming system. heck, it’s the best adapater for any system that I ever got. Love it, and have actually decided to treat my faithful, launch date PSP 1000 to a new suit, and am looking at new cases as we speak. There’s talk about a new PSP to be released, alleged to be fully PS1&PS2 backwards compatible out of the box, as well as UMD and VITA compatible too, all with a lovingly enhanced Android OS making it fully awesome, ALMOST! If they wanted to really blow the market away and ensure it sells like the original PSP did, even better than that, they should give it phone capability also, with Bluetooth stereo headset included, they could use the slightly older but still amazing Sony MW600 Bluetooth headset adapter, this allows you to use your own preferred choice of headphones, and yet give full stereo and microphone capability, as it’s an older product they could include it in the bundle, with decent front and rear cameras too, I believe it would be the FIRST EVER, successful portable gaming/multimedia/phone device ever. And I’d pay upto £350-£400 at the very top end for something with all that capability. Wouldn’t you all?

  8. retrocomputer says:

    I was hoping for a real surprise, not some outdated source code. Sure, it was great 10 years ago if you had a PSP, but not very useful today,

    • Localhorst86 says:

      That’s why the original announcement clearly mentioned the release was intended for PSP *developers*. It was clear from the beginning that there would be nothing particularly usefull or interesting for end users and everyone that was expecting anything usefull like henkaku for 3.63 or similar can only blame themselves for a lack of text comprehension.

  9. LonelyCrawler says:

    Heh, that article image brings back so many memories…

  10. blzR says:

    “Despertar Del Cementario was a tool used to unbrick and downgrade PSPs”

    There is a typo, its “Despertar Del Cementerio”, which translates to something like “Back from the dead”.

  11. KillEmQuick says:

    Ahh yes break the leg of the little chip on the battery lol good old days

  12. Bloody_Valentine says:

    6.61 M33 with imorovements from TEAM M33 was a nice try, homeverin future based on the source of 3.90?
    neur0n was a good coder withnskills, who is he? hmmm`?

  13. FreePlay says:

    God, this is familiar…

  14. ts4kos says:

    Heh, 10 years passed already. Good memories, thanks to those devs for their dedication.

  1. April 5, 2017

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